How can I strengthen my ankle

How can I strengthen my ankle

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Get hold of a latex rubber strip – usually called a cliniband or dynaband – which you can use to strengthen the calf. [ Source: ]
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The best way to strengthen your ankles is to get a wobble board. You can even make one yourself. I would recommend starting seated to get the feel for it and eventually start with one foot on it at a time, then standing on it. If you’ve rec…
There is essentially nothing you can do to strengthen your ankles because there is no muscle tissue there to strengthen. However, you can strengthen the muscles near your ankles and this may help. Stand up. Feet about shoulder width apart. …
It sounds like your peroneus muscle to me. I often get pain there. My Pilates instructor says that my problem, at least, is with all the muscles up the side of my leg and hip. I agree with the poster that suggested lunges and other compound…

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what are some exercises to strengthen ankle muscles?
Q: I am doing ballet and want to do some extra exercising/ stretching at home to improve my flexibility and strength in muscles. What are some exercises for strengthening ankle muscles?
A: Hi good question. Definately do lots of relevas and elevas. Trust me these will strengthen your ankles, but will make your calves burn. So these are good. Also stretching. Holding onto the barre and keeping your back leg straight and front leg bent is a good stretch. ( I forgot the name of this stretch)
How do you strengthen your ankle or prevent it from being sore from running?
Q: Whenever I run or jump rope, or even walk too much the next day I cant walk because my right ankle is always REALLY sore. Is there a way to strengthen or prevent it from being so sore the next morning? Its always my right ankle, never my left.
A: maybe look into sole supports. Definitely stretch your ankle and calf muscles. if that doesnt work after a couple weeks i suggest a brace…but you need to get the right one. the good one usually cost $30 and they lace up the front and have 2 straps that go around the bottom and up the sides of the ankle and sometimes one that goes around the top of the ankle….You’ll know it when you see it. Oh and ice after any workout hurting or not.
What can I do to strengthen my ankle and help me jump higher of of it?
Q: I just fractured my ankle about 4 months ago. I have finished rehab and physical therapy for it. It just doesnt seem as strong to me as it did before. I play ALOT of basketball and could jump actually pretty high for my size. Im 5 foot 9 and could almost dunk, I could just mostly grab the rim with both hands before tho. But now after my ankle injury, it doesnt feel right at all. Now I can just barely get the rim with my finger tips now. The injured ankle is my left one and its the one I jump off of. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information to help me out and jump higher again and to strengthen my ankle.
A: JUMP ROPE. its a verry good cardio exercise and can improve your vertical. also you might try strengthening your thigh and calf muscles, as these muscles are involved in jumping as well.

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