How do I build wrist muscle

How do I build wrist muscle

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Try the dumbbell one arm wrist curl or the behind the back wrist curl forearm exercise. MORE? Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How to build wrist muscles?
Do reverse wrist curls, normal wrist curls also do static holds,farmer walks,knuckle pushups. You already know how to do wrist curls so ill skip that, static holds are pretty much you hold heavy dumbbells in each arm and hold them as long a…
> How can i build my wrist muscle without going gym.?
A good one for wrists and forearms is a weight, string and dowell rod: Tie one end of the string to the dowell rod and the other end to a weight. Now using both hands roll the string up, then let it out, roll it up and let it out. Can you…
What would be a good exercise to build forearm/wrist muscle??
-5 pound dumbbell. -Wrist facing upwards. -Lay your arm across the arm rest on your chair. -Leave your wrist right at the edge of the arm rest. -Slowly let the weight pull your wrist in a downward motion. -Let the weight slide down to your …

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what is that thing that you twist to build wrist muscle?
Q: like a toy thing, where you put in the string and then pull it to make it spin, then you hold it in your hands and try to twist it the other way to build your forearm muscle, what is it called?
A: Dude, LOL that is the funniest thing. I used to do these exercises religiously and never new it had a name LOL we just said. Let’s train some forearms, then we would spin that bar with the rope and weight. GREAT QUESTIONI went ahead and looked it up… it’s called a Wrist Roller Forearm Exercise here is one right here here is a homemade version.
What would be a good exercise to build forearm/wrist muscle?
Q: For drumming, I would like to build up my wrist strength.What is a good exercise for building up strength in the forearm/wrist area?
A: i think all guys know the answer to this question
How to build up muscle in your wrist?
Q: I was wondering because I have a weak wrist and I was wondering if there were any ways to fix this problem.
A: put a weight in your hand go to a bench put your forearm on the bench with your wrist and hand hanging off and do wrist curls the bench will keep your arm stable.

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