How do I do a kegal

How do I do a kegal

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The basic exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. Just squeeze your PC muscles as hard as you can, and hold them for MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to Do Kegal Exercises
・ 1 Find your pelvic floor muscles by stopping your flow of urine. Only do this a few times until you are… ・ 2 Relax before doing Kegal exercises. You can do them sitting or standing. but make sure your bladder… ・ 3 Squeeze the pelvic f…
Does kegal excersie really work?
i think they might help a little but they wont help very much.
What are kegal exercises?
It strengthens the perineal area. If you pee a little when you laugh or cough, you need to do Kegal exercises. To determine what this area is, you need to try to stop the flow of pee mid-stream – that’s the area and that’s how you do Kegal …

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How do you work your kegal muscals?
Q: I know what kegal muscals are but I dont know how to flex them? When I try I flex my butt checks and I dont know how to just flex my kegal muscals? Pleas help!?!?!
A: Do you know when you have to go pee really really bad? You dont want to pee in your pants so you hold it in. Well those are the muscles…just act like you are holding in your pee. You could do holding excercises of it…or pops. Both work. Good luck.
How often do I have to do Kegal Exercises to Notice Results?
Q: I’m 19 and what to keep myself tight down there to help avoid tightening surgery down the road. I started doing Kegal exercises when I pee around 5 times in a row. I do this around once every day. Is this enough to see results or should I do more? Also, is it healthy to do this the peeing method? Sorry this question is so awkward. Thank you!!!
A: You won’t notice results but your partner(s) will when you try to kegal while intimate. I do kegals alot like as many times a day as I think about it. But my partner says I am as “tight” as I was the first time we had sex (virgin), and I have had a child since.
What are kegal exercises, and what do you have to do to put them into effect?
Q: I know kegal exercises help to tighten the vagina if it is extrememly loose, but what do you have to do for these?Like what exercises exactly?personal stories, opinions, or links would be great (:
A: They are exercises that strengthen the pubococcygeus.They do strengthen the vaginal muscles, so does a jade egg. You don’t have to be extremely loose. Here’s a link to get a great book. also a link of general info site also has vaginal wieghts, traditionally called jade eggs in China.You might try finding one with a string attached. I don’t couldn’t find.The first link and book are great, the toher will tell you about kegals too and the last sells jade eggs.Kegel also have vaginal wieghts, whichever you want.Ben-WA balls are good too. I think those are heavier than most jade eggs. Work you way up. In a year or so you will have a vise grip vagina to be proud of.I want you to e-mail me,and we can see how you progress. Jk.

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