How do I flatten my tummy fast

How do I flatten my tummy fast

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To flatten your tummy, you need to eat a well balanced diet (low fat) and burn calories. Also work your abs with crunches! [ Source: ]
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How to Flatten Your Tummy Fast
A lot of people want to flatten their tummy fast. Yet very little of them are prepared to put in the effort required. I’m not talking about the effort at the gym. I’m talking about the effort in getting the necessary knowledge of how to get…
Does 30 mins of fast walking flatten your tummy??
Congrats on having a very realistic goal. Many people want to lose 20 pounds in one weak and with out the diet and exercise. The stomach muscles are the easiest muscles to train bu the hardest to see. The reason for that is because the fat …
Does wearing a girdle after giving birth really flatten the tummy…?
Theres these things you can buy that will help hold your stomach up,train your hips an help your uterus get back in shape.Brooke Burke used one of em to help her,besides dancing of course .You can buy some at babies r us or twats(thats the …

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Q: Okay, so I am 13 years old. I weigh 115 pounds. I am a girl of course. I would really, really like to know how I could flatten my stomach FAST. Please, do not tell me it’s just baby fat. I know. I’m not asking to lose weight I just want my tummy to be flatter. I mean I own a bikini and well you know…..I don’t want to go out with a big blob. lol. Just please help me? Thank you soo much. I’m NOT dieting either. Just exercising. I’m eating regular just cutting out junk food.ok thanks guys…for the people that were actually nice about it.i know i dont know that much about dieting and exercising and all that stuff.but i just wanted to look better for summer…
A: crunches increase muscle tone, it doesn’t get rid of fat. The only way to get rid of fat on a stomach is regular, consistent exercise. If you cycle to school everyday as fast as you can, this’ll do the trick.
How can I flatten my tummy area fast?
Q: So I’m currently dropping weight, but I have a tummy. I know you need to do cardio to burn fat, but how can i focus on my tummy area? I’ve heard sit up’s are pointless when you have fat on your stomach because you need to burn the fat first. Is that true?
A: that is not true….try these ok, key to building muscle is form and technique as well as patience. lay flat on ur back and place ur hands beneth ur butt, and slowly raise ur legs and in a straight position ur body forms a 90 degree angle, and SLOWLY go down again do this for about 5 mins.
Clear Skin Fast like REALLY fast , and flatten tummy ?
Q: Okay , so I’ve been wanting to get into a two piece in like forever , but i dont think my tummy looks good enough to be wearing one . People think im crazy because i say i cant wear one . I need help into getting a tighter and flattened stomach . And I have these two pimples and there bothering me , any suggestions to get them removed like FAST . I have a date with my boyfriend later and these pimples are bothering me . Thanks .
A: if it’s just a case of a bloated tummy then drink 2L of water and it will flatten it in a few days

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