How do I get better at running long distance

How do I get better at running long distance

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Jog once a day, even just for 30 minutes. Make sure you jog because long distance is all about running. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How can i get better in running long distance?
Your mile time is great. When you said long distances, this is not what I was thinking of. This is not long distances. When I run 6 – 10 miles, that is long distances. It doesn’t matter though. Running 4 miles is better than running 1 mile …
How do you get better at long distance running?
Ok, simply build your endurance. You should start off by running the mile in under 10 min. Every couple of days or whenever you feel comfortable running 1 mile, expand it to 1 1/2 -2 miles. Continue to do this until your able to run 3-4 mil…
How to get better at running long distances (1-10 miles)?
Train over the summer. What you do for cross country now increase the training distance accordingly the 5k is twice as far as you now run. Just run 4.5 miles three times a week over the summmer or make one of the days 9 miles. I would not p…

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whats some ways to get better at long distance running?
Q: i used to be a really good long distance runner and now im not very good and im trying to get better whats some ways to get better? like training? how far should i run, how many times a day and what pace should i go?
A: try running up or hikeing mountainsSometimes I set a pace by the music Im listening to
how can I get better at long distance running?
Q: I am on the middle school cross country team and I want to get better at running in the races (1.5 miles) but the coach’s barly have us run. Does any one know a running routine I can do at home?
A: I’m in middle school cross country too! A big part of it is to have fun with friends and enjoy yourself at meets. But, if you want to do well you’ll really have to commit. You should try running for 3 min. then walking for 1. Do that routine for a half hour. Once you can run/walk for that long comfortably, do a 5 min run, 1 min walk for a half hour. Gradually increase your minutes that you run until you run a full 30 min without stopping. After you run 30 min continuously, then add 5 more minutes to the next run you do. Keep increasing your minutes and you’ll do great! You can find bike paths next to some roads that are perfect for running on. Try running with a friend. It will make running safer and lots more fun. Try to mix in strides on some days for a faster edge to your workout. They will help you be able to have a strong kick when you finish in a race. Also don’t forget abs! I hate them too and our coach makes us do them after every workout but they have defiantly made me stronger. Remember stay in good shoes, stay safe, push yourself to improve, eat well, do lots of ab work :), and HAVE FUN!
how to get better at long distance running?
Q: hi. i am on the track team at my school and we are supposed to try out for a meet each week and the coaches pick the fastest people. i am not much of a sprinter… it’s like i will give it my all and about 30 seconds later i will be outa breath…so i did long distance running. i ran a mile in 7: 23 and the coaches did not pick me to run in the meet… is there any way i can run faster naturally… thanks for the advice!
A: There are many things that can be said and asked about this. Not knowing anything about you or your workout schedule or dedication, or level of experience, the kind of food you eat, etc. makes it a hard question to accurately answer, but I will try. Never consume any soft drinks. All of them will screw up your body’s ability to regulate your water intake and you will always get prematurely tired. Do not take any sugar laden foods, ie, candy. You need to develop a good feeling for how fast you actually need to run to be successful in your event. You can do that by running short distances at the speed you know is fast enough to win. Then once you have that “feel” start running it till you drop. After awhile you will see that you can maintain it for longer periods of time. For the out of breath problem you simply are not getting enough oxygen. It takes time of running hard and long to build up the lungs. An herbal product called Enduranx is the best one that I know of to transport oxygen to the body’s cells very rapidly so you maintain a high oxygen and energy level for a longer period of time. Good luck.

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