How do I get better at running track

How do I get better at running track

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Keep your pelvic area strong with core exercise, do some ankling and high knee running, relaxed speed sessions and speed drills. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do i get “better at running” for track??
control your breathing by always breathing out on the same foot so that it’s like a beat in music. 1,2,3, breathe out or left,right,left, breathe out. always stretch properly.
How can I get better at track(running) fast?
I am the same age. Your doing pretty good for running a 5:32. I ran a 6:00 during tryouts for my my school team. I know i was capable of more just hate running long distances so i didn’t trying. I am a 1/2 mile runner but i know mile runner…
What is the best way to get the best time running around a track??
your supposed to start off at your own pace then slowly start to speed up when you feel comfortable or if your running 3 laps then on your 1 and a 1/2 lab speed it up. then when your getting to the end give it all you got and thts all any o…

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How do I get faster and better at running Hurdles in track?
Q: I want to get really good at it, but I don’t know how. Also, what are some good stretches for doing hurdles.
A: The best way to stretch is sitting on the ground spreding your legs out in front of you and putting your torso towards the leg. Another way to warm up is to just run or jump rope. hope that helped!
how come black people are better at track and why dont you see any asians running track?
Q: im a very confused in track all the b—- kids are faster and i am the only one who is from a differnt race and im not good at sprinting
A: black people generally have more fast-twitch muscle fibers in their body, so they’re faster over short distances. white people have more slow-twitch fibers (i think that’s what they’re called) which don’t move as quickly, but last longerso you might not be great at sprinting, but maybe longer-distance runs
Do you believe that black track runners are better at running than whites?
Q: All the track runners competing in the olympics seem to be black. African or African American.No I am not being racist, it has been documented in a science article. Some may argue that it could be altitude. Remember the 1972 Olypics in Munich, that girl from Kenya ran them down flat.
A: They just happen to be the best right now. Doesn’t matter what color anyone is. Respect them for their ability.

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