How do I increase punch speed

How do I increase punch speed

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Watch yourself in a full-length mirror as you punch. Warm up before you start. Start slowly, but do complete motions. Each time punch a little faster than the last time, until you are moving at full speed and power. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you increase your punching speed?
How to Increase Running Speed
In this article you will learn how to pick up the pace while running. There are several things that affect running speed. Changing your workout schedule so that you exercise your body from several different angles is a great way to build sp…
What exercises increase my punching/kicking speed??
Your clapping pushups are very good to build up the explosive power needed for punches, any plyometric exercise like that builds speed and power. But the best thing to do to punch faster is…punch. Try to relax all of your muscles to punch…

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What are the heaviest boxing gloves available? And if you know any ways to increase punching speed let me know?
Q: I got 16 ounce gloves right now for use on the heavy bag, but its feeling a little light, so now if there is anything heavier Im willing to give it a shot. If you happen to know what the heaviest ones there are, please let me know so I know where to start looking. Also, any other ways to increase speed and/or power please let me know. Thanks
A: At the Arnold expo there was a device called the Moran Speed Tracker.Not only does it tell your mph it make all who use it faster in less than one month no kidding. The reason is you keep trying to top your last speed and this forces you to find hoe to do just that. Watch it being used at
How to increase punching speed?
Q: I want to get better with boxing, just for personal gain, I’m not planning on going pro. Anyway, what are some training exercises to increase punching speed?
A: plyometrics, shadow fighting, resistence training, eye ball training. plyometrics (push offs and clap push ups), shadow fighting (to clean up any rough edges in your technique making you faster), resistence training (lightly punching with dumbells), and eyeball training (sparring)
What are some plyometrics exercises to increase punching speed and power?
A: clapping push-ups and deep push-ups are my best and favorite exercises for speed and power.Clapping Push-ups: self explanatory, push up and do a clap. Recommend 3 sets of 10-20, based on your ability.Deep Push-ups: get two blocks or some two raised devices. Start on the ground, and push yourself up and land on the raised whatevers, then push up as high as you can and land back on the ground. That sequence counts as one. Recommend 3 sets of 8-12, based on your ability.I also suggest tricep dips and handstand push-ups for increased power.

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