How do u get abs

How do u get abs

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Firstly, you need to have the proper remove fat layer is going to be about 90% dietary effort and 10% exercise MORE? [ Source: ]
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How do u get abs…………………………
10 situps 10 V-ups (Touch your hands to your toes, but crunch your body so that they meet midway in the air) 10 lemon squeezers (Position yourself sitting up, put hands at side, and move your torso back into a laying position while extendin…
How do u get abs fast?
Getting a nice set of abs is such a misunderstood process. It’s actually a lot easier than most people think which is why most people are in a never ending quest to get that perfect six pack – it’s because they’re doing all the wrong things…
What excercises can u do to get abs or like at least a 4 pack lol…?
lay down with your back on the floor and lift yoru legs aout 6 inches in the air. hold this position for as long as you can. repeat as often as you like. flip over and lay on your stomach. put your elbows in a 90 degree angle as if you were…

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How do I get abs that attract girls?
Q: Yes, I know, the ‘be yourself’ thing.BUT, I also want to do this for myself.How can I exactly get abs that attract girls?
A: You cannot just do sit-ups to help get rid of love handles or make your stomach flat, and you cannot get thinner thighs by just doing workouts for your thighs. If you were to look at a muscle anatomy picture, you will find that what we call love handles are simply our gluteus medius which goes up and connects to the external obliques and goes down to and forms the gluteus maximus which is connected to your lats. Doing the following will help with the entire area to tighten and tone up your muscles and help burn the fat around them. Hope all of this helps do lunges, step-up kickbacks, walking downhill, running, leg raises without weight or very light weight, yoga, push ups, lat pull downs, pull ups rowing, and deadlifts. All of this combined with a proper diet full of lean protein and carbs, and you should be in business. If you need anymore help email me. Do 3-4 sets and 15-20 reps of light –no weights at all.Stomach BicycleReverse sit-upSeated knee liftPelvic TiltScissors open crunchLow BackStiff legged dead liftRear leg raiseSwanSupermanStomach and Low BackLower body toner/ stability ballSide plankPlankKnee in, leg push backLegsPile squatStep up and downsStanding still lungesInner leg raisesOuter leg raisesPlank hip dipsSide crunch (for your obliques)Weighted side bendHanging side leg raisesThese are good for the lower ab area to help bring in the pouch that most people have.Lower ab exercisesHanging leg raises Scissor crunchesReverse crunches Laying down leg raisesBicyclePike and extendPilates 100Seated knee liftPelvic TiltBridgingSeal / a Pilates moveAny Pilates because it works on core stabilityStability ball pelvic rollMy workout routineI do a push pull workout on most days. 3 days a week i do strength training and the other 3 I do 65 minutes cardio moderate speed (3.5- 3.7)for walking on an incline of 1-2. For running, I run at a speed of 5.5-6 mph on an incline of 0-1, with 1 minute of warm-up before I run at 3.5 mph and for at least 5-10 minutes to cool down afterward. I stretch as well for approximately 5 minutes. I take Sundays off to rest and relax. Push pull for example is doing triceps extension with or without a break then doing biceps curls and adding reverse or regular crunches in there to make sure I get abs in and it cuts down on time. I do abs a lot to keep my core strong. I try to get all of the muscles in that area to work together on the same day. Do the amount of weight for what you want to accomplish. Say for toning, lightweight and high reps (15-20) and 3-4 sets. To build muscle, 2-3 sets and 10-12 reps. All beginners need to start with 1-2 sets and 8-10 reps with lightweights. Remember to stretch after your workout to keep from cramping up.10-15 minutes of stretching is optimal. This workout can be done all at once or like you would do 2 a days.also try this website
how do you get rid of the little layer of fat on top of abs?
Q: i’m 13 years old and can already tell and feel that i have muscled abs, but they don’t really show because there is this little layer of fat on my stomach (i was chubby when i was younger) that covers them and hides the tone, any good way to get rid of that little layer?
A: Everybody has that problem, you have to do tons of cardio and diet like a mofo
How To Get Slim And Abs?
Q: Im a 13 year old boy and 120 Pound (FAT). How can I become real skinny and have beast abs fast? What Should I Stop Eating?What Should I Eat Everyday?When Should I Eat?What Exercises Should I Do Everyday?How Long Should I Do My Exersices For?What HardCore Ab Exercises Should I Do Everyday?Help I Wanna Get Into Really Good Shape For Hockey? And I Wanna Look Good! lol
A: Well ill answer them as you asked them. first dont stop eating or your metabolism will slow down trust me it happened to me the first time. Second you will want to encrease your protein intake so you will want alot of fish beef eggs anything with alot of protein to build muscle which will burn fat and make your muscles easier to see. Third Eat breakfast lunch and dinner as this will keep your metabolism going as fast as possible….mind if your trying to lose weight keep the calories low.Your excercises should be upper body mon wed thurs and lower on tues thursday, you will need to pick workouts that work each muscle for best results. Your workouts should last roughly an hour and not more. As for ab workouts you will need to work your upper mid lower abs and obleques so look for workouts to work them all. Finally do not work your abs every day give them time to rest and rebuild for best results.

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