How do you do lower abs strong

How do you do lower abs strong

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1. The lower abs is not flat because of too much body fat. Some persons lose fat on the upper section of their abs initially, such persons can only lose the ab fat all over their belly side area when they get lean. You can be able to lose the MORE [ Source: ]
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How can you get strong lower abs
do bicycles do about 100 twice a day.
Can I still have strong lower abs while being a vegan?
Yes, go to the Vegan Fitness site, link below.
Is it possible to have strong upper abs and weak lower??
what you are feeling is good this does not mean that you are just working out your upper abs. Your abs work as a whole and upper and lower ab spotting is a myth. And that flab is there because that is really the last part of your stomach to…

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I have weak lower abs and strong lower back, What is the best way to make my lower abs stronger?
Q: I broke my back about a year ago and my back is really strong but just my lower (not upper) abs are very weak.
A: Hi! I am not sure of the correct name but I used to have to do it in Karate, leg lifts. You lay down on your back hands under your back tighten the stomach and lift head up a little and lift your legs about 10 in. hold for 5 seconds and bring them down but do not let your feet touch the floor. Try about 50 a day work it up to 100 you will see the difference quickly. Good Luck
Which is more important for martial arts, having strong the abs or strong the lower back muscles?
Q: How does each help in martial arts?What is your routine for training the abs and lower back FOR MARTIAL ARTS?Which one do you train more, abs or lower back?sorry for the retarded grammar.Was trying to add the word ‘strong’ before each muscles.
A: it depends a lot of what your doingbut its true, strong back = store coreand strong core = strong backfor more striking based arts thowork you core muscle, they help transfer the energyhaving a strong core and strong arms is enough to knock someone out (Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli, Seth was on one foot and swung from his hips and dropped Kimbum *note i hate kimbo and this is a very recent on youtube fight you can look up*)however should you focus on a grappling based art, work your back a little morei do MMA and i honestly focus in on my back muscles more, because of wrestling people to the ground, and lifting them up, thats not saying i don’t work my corei know a couple guys who train with me who focus more on there core muscles, some of them hit harder then i do, but when it comes to grappling they cant push and pull like i do, and they struggle to lift me off my feet to slam me to the groundso it does depend a little on the martial art your doingbut ideally working one helps the other
how can you get strong lower abs
Q: how can you get strong lower abs. i know leg lifts help but how long do you hold them for. all i want to know is the exercise and how to do it. please explain how you do it and how many times a day. thanks
A: do bicycles do about 100 twice a day.

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