How do you exercise your upper back muscles

How do you exercise your upper back muscles

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Lay on your back and pull your knees to your head. Make sure your back is flat on the floor and your head is supported. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What exercise should I do to build my upper back (shoulder blade)…?
Rowing. Either with a rowing machine or you can bend at the waist so that your back is flat, get a dumb bell and have your arm pull up and down like you are pulling a lawn mower starter. (you know the string thing on the older mowers). Do y…
What exercises can i do for upper back muscles??
Hey mate, check this website: Click on the muscle map and find which muscle you wanna work out and go back to exercise directory and find the right exercise for that muscle. Great site….good luck
Can I exercise my upper body muscles, then do a long….??
i would run or cycle to give your upper body a chance to rest rowing uses many upper body muscles with resistance, if you exersized heavy the day before your muscles need time to heal and grow, i love rowing but tend to use it as a ‘warm-up…

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Do push-ups exercise upper back muscles? What are some good upper back exercises i can do without weights?
Q: Just curious because i stopped using regular weight training (other than stuff like lat pulldowns).
A: Pushups do work the upper back.Another good exercise is to do wider then shoulder width chin ups,with an over hand grip.Also while you perform this bend at your knees and cross over your calves for stability.Use a chin up pole or just whatever you can find,that will safely hold your weight.
Good machine for a woman to exercise upper body muscles?
Q: Hi there, I’ve bought a treadmill and a Pilates machine – I believe that together they will exercise my legs and core muscles. Now I just need something to exercise my upper body muscles. Any ideas? Would dumbells do it?
A: not a machine but use free weights and do curls and other forms of upper body with them it will have more Resistance than a machine
What are the best ways to exercise your stomach and upper body muscles?
Q: Im 16 years old and I’m trying to get fit again. I do a lot of cardiovascular exercises such as running and biking as well as weights and rowing for my arms, shoulders and legs. However I’m struggling to find effective exercises for my stomach and upper body. Can you suggest some for me?Thank You
A: Targeted weight loss is not really possible, but by doing cardio, and working the muscles that you are trying to strengthen, you can lose overall weight which will lose the fat in those muscles. As far as exercises are concerned, doing upright row, lat pulldowns, bicep curls and tricep and deltoid kickbacks will increase muscle strength. To get toning, make sure to do at least 15 reps at a lower weight.

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