How do you get a ripped upper body

How do you get a ripped upper body

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You have to work out very hard, but do not forget to eat a healthy diet. The diet is the key to gaining a very strong stomach. [ Source: ]
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What sort of body weight workout plan would help me get a ripped upper body?
Q: I am a 14 year old boy, I only weigh about 115 pounds. And I’m lookin to gain some lean, ripped muscle in my upper body. The only weight available is my body weight so I need a body weight workout plan. Thanks
A: Check out the diet and free workout videos at
how do i get a ripped upper body?
Q: i am 14. i weight 150 lbs. i am in great shape. but i want to be able to see the definition in my upper body. i want a six pack , a ripped chest the whole package.
A: do situps and leglifts every day and to get more definition when you work out use less wieght but do more reps, like 4 sets of 12 reps. workout every day with one break day a week do bench press curls, incline bench chest flies, tricep curls all that shit. and you have to eat a lot.
can someone create me a workout plan for a ripped upper-body?
Q: ok im tryn to get ripped and i already know what to do for the lower body. so can somebody help me create a workout plan for the upper body. my max is 215, so what weight,reps,sets should i use to get ripped. also including the perfect push-up,arms,chest,back,workouts
A: I and the team here at Lifestyle Fitness can create this for you but not for free! this sort of thing takes a lot of effort to create.we would charge £25 for a consultation.

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