How do you get better circulation

How do you get better circulation

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How can I get better circulation?
Doing regular cardio exercise helps improve circulation considerably. Eating right and taking certain herbal supplements can also be very beneficial.
Is there a way to get better circulation in my hands?
Dear Friend. Your hand muscels have becom weak as they cannot hold the ball well. You should use Olive Oil and rub the oil at night regularly and keep the hand warmed by wraping with surgical cotton. Do not use cold water. Also wear hand gl…
Will I get best results from using The Circulation Booster on the…?
If the treatment feels comfortable and you can see and feel your muscles being stimulated you are likely to be on the right intensity setting. Using an intensity setting that is too high can overwork your muscles and reflexes, which may res…

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Why is it you have better blood circulation when you put your feet updward?
Q: When trying to rest our feet especially after work they say to have a better circulation (on the leg part) we should put it on an upward position.
A: relieves venous congestion, veins have valves, muscles/walking/running helps blood return to heart/recirc instead of pooling/pressure on valves, when weaken, get varicosities, some people wear compression hose, too hot for me, just like if you hold your arm downward, the veins in hand will fill up a bit more so.
How to get better circulation?
Q: I am having problems with circulation in my lower leg below the knee. What can I do for better circulation and what do you think is wrong? Thanks!
A: take vitamins…calcium and potassium work great for that….
Why does better circulation make your body work more efficiently?
Q: also, why is it that people who live in places with more sun are less likely to have a heart attack?
A: When you have good circulation, your blood is carrying many different things all over your body, things that the body needs. The most important things that it carries are oxygen to your lungs, and various nutrients from your food, and red and white blood cells to protect you from diseases and infections. The more oxygen (and those other things) that your blood circulation can carry, the more energy you will have and the better you will feel.

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