How do you lose 10 pounds fast

How do you lose 10 pounds fast

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To lose 10 lbs fast make sure you drink lots of water (8-10 glasses a day), start exercising and eat 6 small, healthy meals a day. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Eliminate all sugared drinks – This means ALL sugared drinks, including sugar in your coffee or tea… ・ 2 Eliminate all fast foods from your diet – Skip the hamburger and fries. If you eat at McDonalds even… ・ 3 Avoid all fried foods…
Atkins for the short term I had good results with the Atkins diet — 10 pounds in about 12 days — but I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term weight loss. But if you need to drop a size or two quickly, it’s a proven choice. Plan on that size…
You aren’t overweight. Please keep in mind that you are still growing and your body is trying to rearrange itself. Let it. Seriously. I figure skate and was doing pair skating at your age, and I weighed about 125 and was about your height. …

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How to lose 10 pounds fast.?
Q: Hey I need some advice on loseing weight fast im a wrestler and I need to lose 10 pounds before the next weigh in its in like 4 days. Right now im 136 and i need to be down to 125. Any tips that will help me lose fast and keep it off.
A: I’m trying to lose weight the same as you are. I’m not sure if you can lose ten pounds in four days in the most healthy of ways, but my suggestion is to limit the unhealthy things you may eat and substitute it with fruits, etc. And continue to perform cardio workouts. Good luck.
What is the fastest diet to lose weight 10 pounds fast…?
Q: From personal experience only please! I want to lost 10 pounds in at the most 2 weeks… & yes it can be water weight… I have heard of those cleanse drinks wear you fast and only drink for like 2-3 days but I don’t know if hey are safe and you only lose like 3 pounds.
A: Hi, This is from personal experience. My friend lost 10 pounds in about 3 weeks. All she did was cut out the sodas, fast foods, breads, pasta and sweets and ate a little bit better like more fruits and veggies. She did cheat every now and then, so if you were really strict with this, I’m sure you’d lose the weight with no problem.Since you asked about cleanse drinks, I’ll give you a link to a website that has some information about diets including some kind of a cleanse diet. You might want to check it out.Good Luck
How can i lose 10 pounds fast?
Q: Well, I think I am a little overweight for my age… how do i lose 10 pounds fast without using pills, or products?
A: ok, this is the BEST way, i just lost 10 pounds from doing it, stop eating sugar and eat less bread. Eat lots of fresh foods and add a small 30 min. workout every day and after about a week you will have lost 10 pounds. the reason it works is because when you eat sugars and carbs it uses it for quick energy and then what it cant use it stores as fat. When you cut them out your body begins burning fat for energy! I will warn you it is VERY tempting to go back you your old ways of eating but be strong and you can do it!

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