How else can I lose weight

How else can I lose weight

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You can lose weight by getting your heart rate pumping for at least 30 minutes per day, and tracking how much you eat! [ Source: ]
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How else can I lose weight?
I’m out. If you’re talking about your physical body, you gotta get slim through some substantial means: i.e. diet or exercise. There’s no magic pill. There are diet pills but those come with a gamet of other health risks. see http://www.w…
What else can I do to lose weight?
Try this out. I got a really great diet at It was free, it caused me to lose weight very quickly and most of what is in it is suitable for a vegan, it recommends drinking soy milk in certain intervals, al…
Do I need to do anything else to lose weight?
Yes. Despite what many diet products would lead you to believe, the only way to lose weight and keep it off, is by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a moderate exercise program and a calorie conscious diet. The research on FucoTHIN…

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Does anybody else lose weight on holiday?
Q: I’ve just been on a holiday for nine days and i have lost weight due to the excessive heat and exercise does anybody else ?
A: Most people gain weight during the holiday, because they just eat and forget to exercise, I have actuallly lost weight too, at disneyland, all the walking.
How do I lose weight just on my thighs and nowhere else, preferably without the use of any equipment?
Q: My body is a good size, except on my thighs. They are pretty big compared to the rest of my body. It looks stupid and unbalanced. How can I lose weight in my thighs without losing weight anywhere else?
A: Walking does numbers on the legs.
Is there a way that you can lose arm weight without losing weight anywhere else?
Q: I’m small and I don’t want to lose weight anywhere else, but I have large arms!! Is there anyway you can lose this weight!
A: Hey if you figure it out, let me know! I have been working with weights on my arms with no satisfaction! They get muscles, but just stay flabby 😮

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