How long does it take to get in shape

How long does it take to get in shape

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I would give yourself 6 weeks to really find your way in getting that exercise workout to become effective. [ Source: ]
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Depends on how out of shape you are! Generally results can be seen from a physical fitness program in as little as four weeks.
About a month. There is some “conventional wisdom” among runners that provides a rule-of-thumb about how long it takes to get out of shape. This rule of thumb is based on guesswork and gut-feelings and not on research data. Befo…
In the recent situation, people are really considering about their body shape. There are many factors that lead them for doing that. In the meantime, people nowadays is really consider in what they takes, what they eat and what do they get …

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How Long Does it take to get your shape back?
Q: My wife is about to give birth. She is a really fit person and can’t wait to get back in shape afterwards.How long does it take for her stomach to get back in some shape after child birth.
A: It depends on how much she gained, how rough her labor was and what type of kiddo you guys get. She shouldn’t start working out (or have sex) until the baby is 6 weeks old. Once she gets her doctor’s approval then she can slowly get back into her old routine. I was back in my pregnancy jeans by 5 months. I had to really work at it though because I gained about 45 pounds!! I was lucky and was able to be a SAHM and therefore had the time and energy to work out almost everyday on my treadmill. If she’s going back to work right away it’ll be much harder to find the time and energy to workout.But please be supportive and don’t push her. Her body has been through enough and it won’t ever look exactly like it looked before. Her boobs will look different, her tummy will look different, her hips might be wider, she’ll have a few stretch marks and maybe even a c-section scar.Just reading what some people wrote about breastfeeding. I think part of the reason I was able to loose my weight was because after 3 weeks I ended up bottle feeding. This allowed me to diet because I didn’t have to worry about everything I ate.
How long does it take to get back in shape if you haven’t worked out in a while?
Q: I was very consistent and strict with my work outs, which was a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility but I went abroad for a month and all I did was walking, went swimming twice, and did some stretches/pilates abwork at home. Now I feel really out of shape! How long will it take til I’m back in top form, and how can I facilitate that?
A: No worries. Start out slow and you will work your way back up to a fit state. Since you had a moderate amount of exercises when you went aboard, you have a strong base to start on. Incorporate more cardio and strength workouts each week. Don’t push yourself too hard at first because you could ended up hurting yourself, but try to crank up the intensity in cardio to get that heart pumping. When you feel strong and refreshed after exercising, you will be back in tip top shape! It really depends on the person, so you may reach this state within several weeks or possibly several months.
how long exactly does it take to get back IN shape?
Q: so i know that it takes less than a week to get out of shape. but how long exactly does it take to get back in shape?last year i ran daily, swam in the fall, did track in the winter. then got out of shape during the spring. i wanna start runnign again in time for my swim season. so just wondering on how long it would take to get back to the shape i was in before.
A: I am in the process of “getting into shape”. I started working out 4 months ago along with eating more sensible. I am still not where I want to be yet. However, I started feeling better a few weeks into my routine. “getting there” is great, but the journey can be rewarding with many days of feeling good and overcoming the temptation to skip exercise and eat poorly.

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