How many calories can you burn while laughing

How many calories can you burn while laughing

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Just 15 minutes of laughter a day will burn 10 to 40 calories, depending on a person’s weight and the intensity of the laughter. [ Source: ]
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Does laughing burn calories?
yes it does Laughter and humor are two emotions that are commonly over looked. This site is here to educate you in a simply way to stay healthy. It’s very simple and extremely cheap. All you have to do is laugh. Does anyone really know th…
Not enough to make laughing a viable exercise program.
Does laughing really burn calories?
Everything burns calories, including sleeping and breathing. Although it might not be effective, yes, laughing does burn calories. You might want to try running or swimming though instead of watching The Simpsons on TV.

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does laughing for a long period of time help burn calories?
Q: i’ve just noticed that after you laugh for a while that your stomach starts to hurt, so i was wondering if that did anything
A: Yes. It’s been proven that laughter can burn calories, and lower blood pressure. Aside from the stomach pain you mentioned (the diaphram muscle being excercised actually) Laughing will slightly raise your heart rate; givin one a very mild cardio workout.
whats the average ammount of calories burned while doin___??
Q: 1) a sit up2) a push up3) a lunge4) playing basketball [not a game] for a half an hour5) laughing
A: I use www.fitday.comits free to register, and you can click any activity, click how long youve done it, and it will tell you how many calories youve burned based on weight and height.hope this helps!
CHOCOLATE SOUP what do you think of my new recipie?
Q: for a slightly healthy snacktime to make 4 – 5 minutes.feeds; 2 people or 1 fat personingredient’s;two bananasthree table spoons of raisinshalf a bowl of strawberriesone whole jar of nutella chocolate spred (large jar)whip cream (in one of those hairspray can things)chocolate-chipssequipmenta knifea spoona bowlamicrowaveemethodput the entire contents of the nutella jar into your bowlmicrowave the chocolatespred for 30secondschop bananas, strawberriesget the bowl of choco spred, stir round, add banana, strawberries, and raisons.put whip cream on top and prinkle with chocolate chipseat and enjoyi know it isnt that healthy but it does contain fruit right?I HAVE ALREADY TRIED AND TESTED THISme and my friend who ate this thought it was delicous. the calories you burn laughing while making it and clearing up after are replaced by the nutella. btw it’s called CHOCOLATE SOUP.
A: sounds yummy=]but i think i may have a healthy variation to it.replace the nutella with.-chocolate flavored multi grain cereal’-50g of milk chocolate.-4 or 5 tablespoons of chocolate syrupin a food processor grind the cereal into a fine powder during that time place the chocolate bar in a deep bowl in the microwave’ place on medium until chocolate has liquefied stir the powder and syrup with the melted chocolate and mix it in with the rest of the fruits ENJOY^_^

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