How many calories do you burn just by sitting

How many calories do you burn just by sitting

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Sitting – quietly (e.g., watching TV) burn 84 calories in 1 hr. Have a ChaCha day! [ Source: ]
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Do you burn calories if you are just sitting??
TECHICALLY yes. Calories are what your body uses for energy. If you weren’t burning any at all you would be doing nothing. Meaning that you wouldn’t be breathing, thinking, your heart wouldn’t be pumping, and all those thing. You don’t burn…
Can you burn calories just sitting at your desk working?
I don’t know how many mouse-clicks it takes to burn a calorie, but suppose that some entrepeneur will invent something sooner or later to capture all that “daily activity” for us desk people! I never count desk time either, but do…
How many calories does a 195 pound 33 year old man burn in a day …?
How tall are you? I guessed and said 5’10. I put the source at the bottom. It’s then go to calculators – daily energy. According to your age of 33 and measurements of 5′ 10″ tall and weight of 195 pounds you will …

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How many calories one can burn by sitting idle and doing absolutely nothing at all?
Q: How many calories one can burn by sitting idle and doing absolutely nothing at all?Ofcourse you might have guessed, I am talking about watching a movie or sitting on computer playing with mouse, chatting, or games or tv.References would be really appreciated.
A: This is called your Basal Metabolic Rate. It’s essentially the amount of calories you must consume every day to maintain your body while doing absolutely nothing. So, *including* the amount of energy it takes for your body just to sustain life, this translates to the amount of energy expended while performing the aforementioned activities.If you’re talking about the amount of calories burned on top of your BMR, that would be approximately zero calories. None of those activities involve significant movement or any kind of measurable physical activity. If any calories were burned, I would say no more than a few dozen.You can calculate a rough BMR estimate using your height, weight, gender, and age. There are plenty of online calculators available. Search for “BMR calculator”.
How many calories do you burn sitting down?
Q: -How many calories do you burn by sitting down?-Laying down or sleeping?-Walking?I just want to know. I want to calculate how much I lose per day compared to what I eat. I can’t seem to find anywhere all of these questions and help is appreciated.
A: not much, however many calories your body needs to perform its daily functions go to they have calculators to determine how many calories you burn doing a lot of diff thingsAlso check out this blog for great advice on nutrition and fitness:
How many calories does a body burn sitting still?
Q: Throughout the day, assuming I sat still in one position and didn’t move or exercise, how many calories would my body burn naturally?
A: a great website to go to is they will tell you how many calories any activity burns even sitting on the toilet and it is free.

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