How many crunches should I do a day for a 6 pack

How many crunches should I do a day for a 6 pack

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High repetitions are required to make gain. If you find that you have to do 50-100 crunches before fatiguing, stop and work MORE? [ Source: ]
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How many crunches should i do a day for six pack?
if you’re already skinny then cardio isn’t needed. there is no number. your body is different from other people. Here’s what you do: start out with as many as you can do then once it hurts do 15 more. then rest for 1 min and do that same am…
How many crunches should i do a day too get a six pack??
Crunches aren’t the best way to get a six pack. There are better ways, and it is possible to get six pack abs. The problem is all of the garbage on the internet that you have to dig through to find a real answer. The ab machines, ab belts, …
How many crunches per day I should do to get a six pack in a mont…?
10 situps 10 V-ups (Touch your hands to your toes, but crunch your body so that they meet midway in the air) 10 lemon squeezers (Position yourself sitting up, put hands at side, and move your torso back into a laying position while extendin…

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how many crunches a day and how many hours of cardio a day should you do for a 6 pack fast?
Q: how many crunches should you do and how many hours of cardio should u do a day to get a six pack fast?
A: Grapefruit,How fast you can develop a six pack really depends on how much belly fat you have? Everyone already has a six pack, some people have more developed stomach muscles than others, but they aren’t visible. Your diet is the most important thing for getting a flat tummy. Lean down and your abs muscles will be visible.As far as what exercises to do, that depends on how developed your abs are. If they’re a bit soft, starting with crunches and leg lifts will be good. As you progress you will need to do weighted crunches, weighted leg lifts, cable pull-downs and any correct variation of hanging leg raises. Stay away from high reps and no wieghts once you start developing some muscle. Abs are like any other muscle, to get them big and strong they need overload.I found a good website that has some great tips and ideas on the subject, you may want to check it out.
How many crunches a day should I do to get a 6 pack.?
Q: When I flex, you can see my abs, but I want my abs to show without having to flex. I can do a set of 100, maybe 150. How many sets a day should I do? If not crunches is there a better ab exercise requiring no equipment like the air bicycle? I know I have to have little body fat. I’m skinny, 5’10”, 120 pounds, and I run 2-3 miles every other day.
A: The one thing you left out is your diet. Without a low fat diet you can do a thousand crunches and you abs won’t show. Add reverse crunches and the air bicycle is a goo exercise also.
How many crunches should I do per day to achieve a 6-pack?
Q: i have really low body % and I already have abs. But i want them to have more to them. How many crunches should I do a day? And how many sets? I have no idea how long I should rest in between sets either. Or if I do it everyday or would be greatly appreciated..
A: I’m pretty sure that those other answers arent really serious ones.To BE serious do 4 sets of till failure. OR read the video description

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