How many hours should I sleep

How many hours should I sleep

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The general theory is that people should get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night, with your sleep need reducing with age. [ Source: ]
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well… it all depends on how tired you are! lol. I’m 18 and doing my A Levels. Apparently you feel best after 7 hours sleep, and the scientists recommend that you sleep for between 5 and 8 hours each night. I usually sleep for 7 and feel r…
“Everyone reacts differently..” We found out that extensive travel can cause the body to react one of two ways it will want to drop once arriving destination or it will take for ever to drop almost like being on a high. In either …
The amount of sleep you need will be different from other people and will change with age. Infants generally need sixteen hours of sleep per day while teenagers need nine. Adults usually need seven to eight hours, although this number fluct…

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How many hours of sleep should a 14 year old girl get?
Q: I’ve heard around 9 hours, but there are some adults saying that all teens need are 6 hours of sleep o.o. Usually I go to bed from 11 PM-7 AM on school days, around 8 hours of sleep. Though I always wake up super tired. For some reason if I go to bed later and wake up later with still only 8 hours of sleep, I won’t wake up sleepy…make sense? haha. Maybe I should get school to start later so I can sleep 12-8.
A: Everyone is different. We sleep in cycles, so it is not unusual for a longer sleep to land you in a deep stage, which is difficult to wake up from. Going to bed later may mean you fall asleep faster, and actually get more sleep in 8 hours. You need to find your “rhythm”, waking from a shallow stage of sleep is far less difficult.
How many hours sleep should a 15 year old girl be getting?
Q: Hello,Most of the time im getting between 8-10 hours sleep a night.Im tierd a lot in school and im certainly not a morning person.How many hours sleep should a 15 year old girl be getting?Thank you xx
A: 8 to 10 hoursyour probably tired for lack of nutrition
How many hours sleep should an adult get?
Q: I am 18 and I am always tried. How many hours of sleepp should I get?I notice if I get 8, I am tried and fall a sleep in a matter of hours of being up. If I get 10, I am not tired at all. People say that 10 is to much, is that true? What’s Normal?
A: I think 10 is just fine. Sometimes if you get too much sleep you will be tired which is awkward but true. Anything between 8-10 hours is fine. Anything less or more is not healthy

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