How many sit ups do I have to do to get 6 pack abs

How many sit ups do I have to do to get 6 pack abs

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You can do up to 500 sit-ups a day without seeing 6-pack abs. Combine sit-ups with some cardio workouts, and you are set. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How Many Sit Ups Does it Take to Get Six Pack Abs?
One of the most impressive parts of the human anatomy is the abdominal region. We see a plethora of television shows, movies, and music videos with celebrities and models boasting of rock hard, wash board abs. We wonder, ‘How can I get ab…
Why Crunches & Sit-Ups Won’t Get You 6-Pack Abs?
Despite popular belief, isolated ab exercises will not bring you any closer to your 6-pack goal. In fact, these type of exercises won’t do much of anything besides waste your time—time you could be spending doing exercises that will get you…
How to Get 6-Pack Abs Without Crunches or Sit-ups
Traditional ab exercises, like situps and crunches are hard on your back. So does that mean you shouldn’t do any ab exercises? Is there anyway for you to get 6-pack abs without situps and crunches? Yes! You should do ab exercises that t…

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how many weeks will it take you to make your 6-pack abs visible just by doing sit-ups and crunches?
A: you gotta burn the fat, which is my problem
How many sit ups do i have to do to get six pack abs?
Q: im 13 and i want 6 pack abs,im not overweight and i only do 100 sit ups but it doesnt seem to have an effecti do 100 sit ups once each 3 days and i dont see an results
A: sit ups alone won’t give you abs. you need to do a variety of ab work outs.try “the plank” where you hold yourself in pushup position for 30 seconds with a straight back. if you do it right, you’ll feel it in your abs.also do the plank sideways, once on each side, to your your obliquesdo “v-ups” where you pull your legs up as your pull your torso up, making your body into a “V” shapealso try sit ups but instead of going straight up go to the left of your legs, and then to the right, alternating.walking and running does WONDERS for your abs too. walk with good posture for a mile a day, do one set each of the plank and side planks, 50 regular situps, 50 v-ups, and 50 side situps (ie 25 on each side, alternating) and you should get abs in a couple need to keep up the workout to maintain results.
How do I get 6 Pack abs and muscle all over your body?
Q: i am struggling and about to go crazy because those 6 pack abs and muscle all over! it won’t come and i am doing 50-100 sit-ups a night and 25 push ups i keep seeing my stomach getting bigger!( I get alot of choclate and Hey I can’t help it!) what should I do? Please help a 12 year old that weighs 112 in fat get 6 pack abs and muscle! What else should I do?
A: How to make my stomach flat If you want to make your stomach flat, then you need to follow a proper exercise, diet schedule and get sufficient sleep. You need to get the right proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins daily in your diet. There is no magical formula to make the tummy flat; exercise and hard work is the only way to make your tummy flat.Diet:· Intake Low carb diet·Do not consume foods high in sugar content· If possible do not eat junk food. If you need to eat junk food , consume less · Eat low fat food and avoid fried foods· Drink fruit juices and plenty of water· Eat lots of green leafy vegetable and fruitsExercise: Jogging is the best exercise to start with. You need to jog for at least 20 minutes before you start doing the tummy exercises. Tummy crunch or sit ups is the best exercise for your stomach. Do the tummy crunch in different variations. The more the repetitions, the more strength for your tummy muscles. Swimming is also a good exercise for the whole body. Some yoga poses also help in strengthening the upper and lower part of the tummy and also increase the flexibility of the stomach muscles. Sleep: Sleep is a necessity for rest, relaxation and recuperation. You need to get a good sleep, to recharge your muscles after a workout. On an average an adult needs around 8 hours of sleep. If you rest for fewer hours, the risk of becoming overweight increases.

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