How many squats should I do a day

How many squats should I do a day

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The number of squats you should do a day depends on your current height and weight. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many squats should i do per day?
Try this do about 30 lunges then get on all fours and do 20 kick backs (probably not the technical term) you just kick your leg back and bring it back to the start position then do like 30 regular squats. So three sets of these when you get…
How many squats should I do a day to make my legs stronger ??
If you’re looking for explosiveness, you should do about 80% of your maximum squat ability in four sets of one to five reps. (So if your max is 200 lbs, you would do 160 lbs). If you are looking to slowly build up strength and tone your mus…
Should I do squats and leg press on the same day?
I do. Squats require more lower back stabilization than leg presses so start with squats and follow them up with leg presses. The lower back is supported with leg presses so you will be able to isolate the hip and knee musculature to a grea…

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how many squats should you do each day to make your butt bigger?
Q: some people been telling me that if you do squat each day your butt will get bigger caz im tired of having a “boney butt” so do you know how many squtes i should do each day to make it bigger? and also if anyone know any ways to excerise to make your boobs bigger plezz tell me and how many reps each day.thanks soo muchh.
A: You don’t do squats EVERY day. You do squats WITH resistance (dumbbells barbell etc) and that should make you able to do no more than 25, you do 3 reps of 25. You should be sore the next day.When the soreness goes away repeat.
If i m a starter, how many squats per day should be a good start?
Q: first day, I did 12-15 squats…but my thigh muscles have started paining so badly, i could not do it the next day….why does it pain so badly? is it due to stiff musclees? but i do other exercises as well and am on diet.
A: It takes the lower body longer to recover from weight lifting as it contains the biggest muscles in the human body. Start once a week and then move to twice a week once you get used to it. 3-4 sets of 8-12 should be ideal and watch that form.
How many squats should I do a day to tighten up my rear end?
Q: I would REALLY like to add to my butt- I have some weight to lose all over (about 20 pounds) but I need to GAIN in the backside. I have heard that squats are an effective way of helping- how many do I need to be doing per day?
A: You should do anywhere from 2-3 sets of 12 repetitions, at least 4 times a week…in about 2-3 weeks, you should start to feel tighter!*Also, my favorite fitness expert, Denise Austin has an EXCELLENT, squat routine, to view it, go here:

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