How much does a treadmill cost

How much does a treadmill cost

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You can purchase a treadmill at WalMart for $129.64-$1,549.00, depending on the features you’d like. ChaCha back! [ Source: ]
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How much did your treadmill cost?
It is essentially free, I hoof it on the open road.
What was the cost of Proform 725TL treadmill?
Feb. 1997 New Cost: $799.99 plus sales tax.
How much does a used treadmill cost?
Mine cost $400 used at a second-hand exercise gear store. But it’s a good one.

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How much does a treadmill cost?
Q: How much does a treadmill cost without all that stupid stuff on it, like the stuff telling u ur heart rate, or how mnay calories u burned. i dont care about that, how much does a REGULAR treadmill cost that is motorized. it can be used or new and where do i get it?
A: They, can be pricey, I would suggest that you check with a resale shop, locally we have a store called “play it again”. Places like this carry equipment that is in “like new” condition for less than half the original price.
How much money on average does a treadmill cost?
Q: I really want a treadmill but I want one fast so I will accept one that has been used. How much would that cost?
A: Hi !I bought one from Wal-Mart for $120.
How much does a reliable treadmill cost?
Q: I would like to find a treadmill that is fairly cheap but reliable at the same time.
A: I have been selling fitness equipment for 10 years and their are very reliable treadmills out there without spending a ton of money.Consumer reports states that a good solid reliable treadmill used for jogging and walking on a regular basis will be around 1500. The price of the piece will also be reflected on by how many users plan on using it regularly. If you only walk now you may want to think ahead because a good reliable treadmill can last you a decade, and though you only walk now you may graduate to jogging eventually.I would suggest goin to a specialty retailer and avoiding any big box stores in your search. If you think you are gonna buy a proform, weslo,cadence, or any of the big box store items, buy a new couch instead cause thats where you will be with in a year.Good brands to look out for:LifeSpan is a great buy and even a consumer reports best buy. I would suggest the LSP 1000 or LSP 2000 as an entry.Vision makes a 9200 model that has been the consumer reports best buy the last 7 years. Thats right every year for almost a decade and starts around 1100. Pacemaster has been making treadmills in america for 40 years and are the most decorated brand in their pricepoint. Probaly the most bang for your buck if you are going to run on it.Life Fitness is the most popular brand of treadmill in the world and has the best shock absorption. It costs more and is usually reserved for runners.Take your time , do your research !!GOod Luck

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