How much does an average person weigh

How much does an average person weigh

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The average weight for men in the U.S. is 191 pounds and for women it is 164. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much does the average person weigh?
Airplanes and elevators are designed for people that weight an average of 150 lbs. But recently this number has been increased to 155.
How much should an average 5 feet person weigh??
it really depends. if you are 5 ft on a small frame then your weight could range from 104-115. I’m sorry. It’s difficult to find just one average weight because everyone varies. =]
What Do The Ashes Of An Average Person Weigh?
~ 5.3lbs for an average adult (average ~4lbs for woman/6lbs for men)

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How much does the ashes of an average adult person weigh?
Q: I was wondering the other day this question… just curiosity…
A: I chair our cemetery committee and have buried an urn containing the remains of an average adult woman. The wooden urn (small) and contents probably weighed 8-10 pounds. It’s relatively small considering our living size.
how much does an average person weigh?
A: In the US probably 150 pounds.keep in mind that includes liitle children
How much should an average person weigh before they drive a motorcycle?
A: it depends on the weight of the motorcycle and the height from the waist of the person. The combined weight of the person and the motor cycle should not shift the center of gravity above the cycle seat

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