How much should you weigh when you are five foot one

How much should you weigh when you are five foot one

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If you are five foot one inch, you should weigh somewhere around 115-129 pounds. This varies on body shape and frame. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much should a normal five foot one inch person weigh??
Men: 51.7 – 55.3kgs Women: 51.7 – 55.3kgs However if your body fat percentage is below 10 % then you can weight more
How much should a 23-year-old female weigh at 5 foot one inch??
Weight can vary by muscle weight, bone weight, and fat storage. Also, your level of exercise can also influence what a normal weight might be. Having said this, a generic answer could use the following calculation: For the first 5 feet for …
What should a girl who is 5 foot 1 wear? and how much should they…?
i think more accurate it is 96-135lbs but that is a guideline only. there are people ur height who fall outside of that range who are perfectly healthy if not more than some ppl inside of that range, and by outside i mean the who weigh more…

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How much should a girl who’s 5 foot five weigh?
Q: Im 13 and i’d like to know how much a 5 foot 5 inch girl should weigh.Thanks x10 in advance.God Bless!rid of it, i meanOh, and i have a bit of belly flab(yuck) and also how do i get ri of it?
A: Definately between 120 and 145 would be healthy. I am 5’3 and weigh 125 and I am in great shape.
How much should I weigh? I”m five foot one if I”m lucky.?
A: between 106 and 140. it also depends if you’re a kid, if you are then check and click on health and then bmi. it’ll help you find your ideal weight.
How much should a fifteen year old girl weigh if they’re five foot five?
Q: Pretty much the question. Any one know any good charts out there? Ones that you can enter your height and they’ll tell you how much you should weigh?
A: 111 to 149 lbs is considered to be a healthy weight for 5′ 5″.Try this:

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