How overweight are you

How overweight are you

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I am a different guide. I am Amanda, I am not overweight. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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i think ur tinsy bit overweight just need to lose at least 2 1./2 stone to match up with your height. I know how you feel about your weight cos i look nothing like a 13 stones girl. my size is a 16/18. My bust is only 34C and i’m 5’3 Start …
I’m 5ft2 and weigh 154lbs – I run 3 miles 4 times a week and cycle 3 miles per day 5 days a week. I’m a size 10 (British) in clothes (I still have a little baby weight to lose) my Body Mass Index puts me in the overweight category. People d…
Before any more females answer Being overweight isn’t how you feel. There is a specific guideline for when you are considered overweight. First you figure out your frame size by measuring your elbow then look at this chart. http://www.healt…

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How overweight do you have to be to stop menstrating?
Q: I keep missing my period.I’m quite active (power walk / jog 45 mins a day), I bike, & I do weights, pushups, and crunches, I also do badminton, swimming, & rock climbing (each activity ~ once a week).I definately have an athletic shape, and am rather muscular. I don’t really have a lot of fat on me…however by definition, I suppose I’m around 20 pounds over my supposed “healthy” weight. i have stopped having my period. I missed since April (however I got it in September). I went to the gyno in August got sent for bloodwork, still no reply as to if anything is abnormal.I eat healthy. Im 19. Could I be too heavy and that could have stopped my periods? Pre-April I was just as active, and my periods were (relatively) fine. Before April, I had missed my period twice for 3 months at a time within the previous year. How overweight (or what does your BMI have to be) in order to stop menstrating due to weight problems? I am 5″11 or 6″0. Even if you say “yes, you’re overweight” or “no you;re not” could you actually give me a number? (i.e. if your BMI is over 32, you are at risk for your periods to stop (relatively random number, as I don’t frequently deal with BMI’s so I don’t know how abnormal that would be. I know “healthy is around 18-25.)
A: Good points made,Usually only severely obese women stop menstrating or someone with anorexia or the overly atheletic female may stop producing the hormones needed to the GYNO back and ask for the results… you would be amazed at how often they forget to call even with POS RESULTS! The sooner the better, and update them saying you still have not had your period…Goodluck!
Age related WEAKENING ERECTION. What are the primary reasons. How does Viagra help?
Q: Say 40 years, a bit overweight, a bit to much coffee, otherwise healthy.Is it usually related to general health, or just aging (like baldness)?How much can Viagra help? (Hard as 30 years? 20 years?).If Viagra helps or doesn’t help, what does it say about the underlying cause?Any particular health/fitness improvement that can makes a difference?
A: One of the causes is a constriction in blood flow. Just as coronary artery disease reduces blood flow in the coronary arteries, flow reduction from cholesterol deposits can happen in your fingers, toes, and … penis. I don’t want to alarm you, but it may be a good idea to explore this with your doctor.
overweight people need to start paying more for health and life insurance?
Q: I think the time has come for overweight to start pulling their weight a bit more. There are so many problems associated with obessity. We go after smokers by taxing the hell out of their habit why do overweight people get a free ride? And please dont tell me that they cant help it. Poor eating habits is a learned behavior that they choose not to change. I am not a smoker or overweight. I work a full time job as does my wife but we still manage to provide a decent and wholesome meal for our kids every day. Dont tell me some poor unfortunate people cant afford to cook healthy. Because there are just as many middle and upper class overweight people too. This is not ment to offend anyone only provide intellingent conversation.
A: They do pay more. The insurance companies a ask your weight or if you have a history of obesity in your family on the application.

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