How should I work out my chest

How should I work out my chest

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Some great chest exercises are chest press, pushups, and chest flys. You can use variations such as incline or barbell presses. [ Source: ]
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How can I work out my chest?
first of all i’d like to say congrats on the progress you’ve made from working out. I’m a teen bodybuilder and i love hearing people make some good honest progress, congrats. as for your chest, there’s a few possibilites. if its fat, then k…
Would your acne treatment line also work on chest and back acne??
Yes, it will very much like it does on the face.
Will these products work for chest, back and face acne??
Hi! I have tried the Johnson’s and Nivea products, and they are great, but not for pimples and acne! Proactiv Solution is the best by far, but it’s not too good for sensitive skin. It works wonders tho! I’ve found neutrogena blackhead clear…

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How frequently should I bench press to get a maximum chest work out?
Q: I am a 140 lb16 year old who just started working out on his own but doesn have a fitness plan. So, how frequently should I bench press to get a maximum chest work out?
A: I would say no more than 2 or 3 times a week. Personally, I do one heavy weight, low rep day and one low weight, high rep day for chest, shoulders and triceps. I do the same for back and biceps and include legs in one low weight, high rep day and one heavy weight, low rep day. Heavy weight, low reps will build size. Low weight, high reps will tone it all up. This is just one suggestion, though. There are probably people more qualified than me who can tell you exercises to target the areas you want. I’m not a personal trainer or bodybuilder or anything. I’m just an average guy who hits the gym to stay in shape.
Should i work out my chest twice a week?
Q: i currently work my chest out once a week. i am trying to make my chest size bigger. should i do twice a week?
A: Twice or even three times a week if possible. Focus on these main exercises:1.Bench Press (the main one) 3 sets of 10 reps, then 1 set of 8 (lower weight)2.Incline Bench Press (works upper pecs better) 3 sets of 103.Dumbell Flyes 3 sets of 124. Push ups (to exhaust your chest afterwards) 1 set till failureRemember to keep your protein intake up, and make sure you exercise the rest of your body, particularly shoulders, to avoid injury and freakish appearance. Lol.Good Luck!
I worked out my triceps and chest yesterday… what should I work out today?
Q: I just got a gym membership.. and I went yesterday for my first work out and worked out my chest and triceps. My chest is just a bit sore but my triceps hurt so I can’t bend my arm completely. So what area should I work out today to stress out my triceps the least? Which exercise can I do (barring legs) that stresses my triceps the least?
A: not the best idea to work chest and triceps on the same day if you’re going for a day-to-day routine schedule. you should group it up with other muscle groups on your arms and create an “arms day”, mainly focussing on forearm flexors, forearm extensors, biceps, triceps, and all sections of your deltoids.After your arms day, have a chest and back day. Work your pectorals, trapezius, lower back, and back lats.Then after that, finish up with a lower body and abs day, work your abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves on this day, and if you can make an effort on your glutes as well.after that have a rest day, and repeat the process so it’ll be a four day rotating schedule, that’s the way most successful lifters work their schedules and how i do it (minus the rest day because 2 days of rest is usually sufficient)

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