Is bike riding good exercise

Is bike riding good exercise

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Bike riding is a terrific aerobic exercise, a healthy and economical way to commute, and a great way to run errands, sightsee, and get around town. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Is bike riding good exercise?
yes really good if you are on a rocky terrian also try to push as hard as you can because biking can get tough but i recommend it also try running i do that most of the time not a big biking fan running is my thing but for biking really try…
Is riding a bike good exercise?
yes it is, a it is a good cardio exercise because it’s good for your heart
What is the ideal exercise bike riding program?
depends on your level of health and fitness. 30/40 minutes 5 days a week is recommened

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Is bike riding good exercise for losing weight?
Q: So I just got a new bike. I’m 15 and want to lose weight. 5’4 and around 135 pounds. I want to lose some weight, and I was told that if you exercise, to do something you enjoy. Which makes sense. Is riding my bike good exercise for losing weight? I really enjoy doing it. I have a route that I take, it’s 7.7 km (about 4.8 miles). It doesnt take too long to do. I really want to lose some weight, and I really love riding my bike, so I’m really hoping it’s a good way to do so.Any tips, though, like speed, amount of time I ride, gears. (It’s an 18 speed bike that I have). THANKS SO MUCH! And sorry this question was kind of long.
A: Bike riding is excellent to lose weight, if you have the budget to buy one of those computers that you install on the bike it’s good because you can track your speed, you can even buy the cheapest that’s fine.I would recommend that you should go at a speed around 25km/hour, however you should do it 2 laps, because just one I don’t think it’s enough.http://www.minimizeme.tvThe ups and downs of an ordinary man on a diet.(it’s my blog, not selling any pills, books or magic formulas)
Is bike riding good exercise?
Q: I plan on buying a bike tomorrow and aiming to ride up to 10 kms every day. I am obese and have much weight to lose and on a healthy eating plan. I aim to boost it by riding my bike each day. Is this good exercise? I am even going to the shops on my bike instead of driving or catching a bus. Will this help me lose weight? Also, I have not ridden a bike since I was around 16 years old. Will I get used to it again?
A: My brother was obese and started bicycling about 5 years ago. Along with proper diet and riding his bike, he has gotten back down to a normal weight and lost over 200 pounds. He weighed about 400 pounds when he started and lost it all in about 18 months. He continues to ride all he can, usually 10-15 miles a day. I remember he started out riding only 1 mile a day and kept increasing it. He has kept the weight off too and never gained it back. Everyone thinks he had gastric bypass surgery, but he hasn’t. We are all so proud of him.He got all the family riding bikes now and we have all lost some weight. We have a bike trail that goes hundreds of miles close by that is beautiful, so it’s good for the mind and soul too. You must get a good bike that is comfortable especially if you are obese. Don’t buy some kind of racing bike that will be miserable for you to ride. These are just some suggestions from someone who has been riding for years. I would stay away from the mountain bikes since they ride pretty rough. Make sure the handle bars are comfortable for you. None of those ones that bend under. If the bike you buy doesn’t have a nice big comfy seat, then buy a good seat and put it on your new bike. You will find out that your choice of seat will make a huge difference in the comfort of your ride. Make sure to buy a bike with gears to make the hills much easier to climb and learn how to properly use them to your benefit. For comfort, I like big open handle bars, big comfy seat, smooth running tires, and nice pedals. My bike is built for comfort and I love it!
Is bike riding good exercise for someone who has scoliosis?
Q: Why or why not? does it work the back muscles?
A: Interesting question. Bike riding would be good for most people as it gets them outside and improves there cardiovascular system. There is also some strengthening of the legs and hips. As for the scoliosis, biking is not going to change this one way or another. For something that is going to help you with decreasing or maintaining the curves at their present levels you are going to need to see a physical therapist. They will give you what are called counter derotation exercises. These are movements designed to stabilize the vertebrae by strengthening some areas and stretching others. Get a referral to a physical therapist if that is the goal. If on the other hand you goal is to improve general conditioning without stressing the back then biking is one of those exercises. Just make sure that the bike is properly fitted for you at a local bike shop or someone that is extremely knowledgeble about bike fitting.

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