Is Creatine legal

Is Creatine legal

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Creatine is classified as a Dietary Supplement, not a drug so it remains legal in the US & does not need FDA approval. [ Source: ]
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When to take Creatine ?
How would you recommend dosing it if you are working out twice a day? For example, if I have to get up at 5:45 in the morning to go do a cardio/bodyweight workout with the crew team and then life later in the day around 5:00 PM do I want t…
Where can i buy creatine?
Possibly, look into Kre-Alkalyn instead. Supposedly it does not breakdown like creatine does, you don’t have to load up when you start taking it and you get more creatine in your system in less doses. I just started using it, so i don’t hav…
Is Creatine legal in the US?
Yes. Creatine is classified as a Dietary Supplement – not a drug. This means that it is basically treated as a food substance and does not have to meet any of the drug requirements of the FDA. You do not need a prescription to buy creatine …

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Is creatine legal in high school sports?
Q: i was always told that creatine is legal, was i misinformed?
A: of course its legal. Creatine is in meat. so of course…
Is creatine and protein legal to use and does it have any sides affects?
Q: When i say legal i mean does UIL test for it?how much should i take if i weigh 200?
A: it is 100% legal. I have taken both at various times and have not noticed any side effects.Protein has no long-term effect but creatine might. As far as the test if it is a extensive one high creatine levels will show, but like i said it is legal.
Is creatine legal in Thailand?
Q: I am Muay Thai training for one month in Thailand and wondered if creatine was legal over there as I dont want to be arrested and thrown in jail for taking it with me.Before anyone starts, creatine is legal all over the world and is used by more or less every athlete in the world.It is not a steroid or banned substance.Paul, I dont use creatine but as I will be doing 6:00am Warm-up & stretching6:10 5 km jog7:20 Shadow boxing7:40 Bag work8:00 Pad work with trainer8:25 Clinching technique8:40 Learning new techniques9:00 Stretching & warm-down9:30 Breakfast3:00pm Warm-up & stretching3:10 2 km jog3:30 Skipping3:40 Shadow boxing3:50 Heavy bag work4:20 Pad work with trainer5:10 Technical sparring & ring-craft5:40 Techniques6:00 Conditioning6:15 StretchingIll be doing this for a month and I think it will aid my recovery and be beneficial due to the intensity of the training. Im sorry if this offends you in some way.
A: try contacting the thai embassy in london, they should be able to tell you what is legal to take over there.this is the number – (020) 7493 7416 – 22-23 Hertford Street, Londonor – (020) 7589 2944 – 30 Queen’s Gate, Londonhope this helps.

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