Is hgh good for you

Is hgh good for you

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HGH can increase bone density, muscle mass, exercise capacity & decrease body fat. Side effects include swelling in the arms/legs. [ Source: ]
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Is HGH good for me?
No… just take a mass gainer supplement… I recommend Labradas Lean Body Mass 60 or MHP Up Your Mass… they have like 5-600 calories per serving…take one of those 2-3 times a day between meals, after your workout, or before bed. Combin…
What is hGH?
hGH (Human Growth Hormone) is an amino acid produced in the anterior pituitary gland of the brain. hGH is continually secreted throughout the human lifecycle. This hormone influences our growth and aging process, and it is responsible for k…
Natural HGH and HGH Releasers — Are They Any Good??
There are a variety of different HGH supplements in the form of capsules, sprays, injections and tablets. Among them, natural HGH releasers are becoming extremely popular because of their inexpensive cost, lack of side effects and supposed …

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Does anyone know where I can purchase some good quality hgh?
Q: I need to purchase some HGH. I will need to have it on a regular basis. I can pay for it, or I can let you play with my huge cock. Whichever works best.
A: In spite of all of the ads to the contrary, oral HGH is a myth.The only effective use of HGH is from injected HGH solution. It requires a doctor’s prescription in a real doctor-patient relationship. Anything else is criminal.HGH is a *huge* protein molecule, too big to pass through membranes to any significant degree (therefore, HGH nasal spray is also a scam).If taken as a capsule, HGH’s effect would be minimal and short-lived. It would take large doses (many capsules) to increase a young person’s pituitary output of HGH and the effect would dissipate rapidly.Many of the scam products advertised as “oral” consist of non-human proteins, which in the case of HGH, don’t work in humans. Some of the products are advertised as using raw animal brains, listed on the label as “hypothalamus” or “pituitary.” The theory is that they contain a minute amount of GH releasing hormone (GHRH). Raw brain tissue is the primary cause of mad cow disease, scientifically known as spongiform encephalopathy or Creutzfeldt Jakob disease. The non-human GHRH does not stimulate HGH in people.Best bet: get with a doctor and do it legally. Any other way is just not worth it.
What some good things about the drug HGH?
Q: I’m doing a health class project and need a list of good things about the drug. I already have a big list of bad. Now I need the good!I need real good reason. Like it helps kids with stunned growth. That kinda thing.I need real good reason. Like it helps kids with stunned growth. That kinda thing.
A: The effects of growth hormone deficiency vary depending on the age at which they occur. In children, growth failure and short stature are the major manifestations of GH deficiency, with common causes including genetic conditions and congenital malformations. It can also cause delayed sexual maturity. In adults, deficiency is rare, with the most common cause a pituitary adenoma, and others including a continuation of a childhood problem, other structural lesions or trauma, and very rarely idiopathic GHD.Growth hormone has many other effects on the body:Increases the retention of calciumStrengthens and increases the mineralization of bonesIncreases the muscle mass Promotes ipolysisIncreases synthesis of proteins Stimulating the growth of all internal organs Plays a role in fuel homeostasisReduces liver uptake of glucoseContributes to the maintenance and function of pancreasStimulates and enforces the immune systemHelps grow taller and increase our height
what is a good online pharmacy to buy HGH? Also what types of HGH are good to use for muscle building?
Q: aslo what do i need to keep my stuff from shrinkin. I know thats a wierd question, but i know they make stuff to make ur balls and whatnot not shrink.
A: This is the one I use. I bought it off Amazon. I’ve had some great results with it. Don’t worry this kind did not make anything shrink

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