Is it good to sweat alot in any exercise

Is it good to sweat alot in any exercise

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It’s good because it keeps your body cool. Everyone has a different sweating pattern. How much you sweat is affected by genetics, gender, age, fitness level, and environment. [ Source: ]
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Is it good or bad to sweat a lot during cardio exercise??
Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down. If you are sweating alot then your body is heating up. If you start feeling light headed then you might be overdoing it.
Is it good if you sweat a lot when playing a sport or when exerci…?
Yes, sort of. Sweating takes water out of your body though, which is why hydration is important. Gatorade and cold water are great for staying hydrated.

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I underarm sweat alot . is there any kind of deodorant i can use ? please help?
Q: Okay I’m your typical middle school girl and even when I’m not exercising or active I sweat alot . I’m pretty average I eat right and exercise alot becuase I play softball . But every kind of deodorant I use does not work ! its really embaressing I’ve already had two people point it out . I’ve used mitchum and arrid dry but they simply dont work. Any suggestions ?Uhm this may sound really stupid but how is an antiperspirant different from a deodorant ?
A: All people sweat to some degree, it wouldn’t be healthy if you didn’t. But as long as you have a good diet and drink plenty of water and maybe cut back on red meats and soda it may help.But you may have an overactive sweat gland, check with your doctor.Also tips you can try of mine are washing very thoroughly with a good antibacterial soap, such as Dial. Try taking Zinc supplements as well, it helps with the smell of the sweat/the bad bacteria build-up. Also after showering, try dabbing on some hydrogen peroxide onto your armpits. After your armpits are completely dry (hairdryer on cool setting works best and quickest) the best deodorant I have found is Mitchum baby powder scent solid. All that seems to do the trick for me and my armpits.Good luck either way!ANTI-PERSPIRANT = Helps prevent wetness w/your armpits. DEODORANT = Helps cover smell under your armpits.
Does sweating alot during exercise mean ur burning lots of calories?
Q: Ok, so I just did a 20 minute workout. It was a combination of cardio & using the hand weights. I only worked out 4 20 minutes; not even half the way through the exercise sweat was dripping off of me. I’ve never sweated that hard b4 in my life!! Not even when running. Does this mean I’m burning lots of calories?
A: Not exactly, but it does mean that you are doing it right! I’ve done the same exercises before and some days I sweat a lot and some I don’t at all… I can’t explain it. You are burning calories though! Sweat is simply a way for the body to cool off, and it also depends on how much water your body is holding at the time.
What to eat 1 hour before Exercise were u sweat alot?
Q: What should I eat i know carbs. but what kind and how much?
A: 30-60g depends on how hard u work and how much u weighwhat kindbanana oats sweet potatos any fruit really with some protein is good

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