Is it possible to make your hips bigger

Is it possible to make your hips bigger

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I don’t believe it is scientifically possible without adding fat that you can increase the size of your hips by exercise. Sad to think you’d have to gain weight…Cha Cha!! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to lose weight and make my bum and hips bigger??
I have a similar body type. My body changed on its own a few years ago when I was in my early 20s, but I helped it along by doing a lot of squats and lunges. The idea is to build muscle in those areas. You can’t really change the size of yo…
Is it possible to make this jacket larger around the hip area??
Yes, you can add in some space. Insert a long vertical narrow triangle into each side seam. You will need to find some matching or contrasting fabric to do it with though. This jacket is made out of a slick material and would be difficult f…

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is it possible to grow bigger hips and ass?
Q: i know how to do excercises to make your butt stickout and what not but is there one for hips?
A: I don’t believe that there are actual hip muscles to build for size. You can get your thighs bigger by working out those muscles, but if there isn’t muscle to build, the only way to make them bigger is by putting on fat.
Is it possible to make your ribs and hips smaller?
Q: Hi. I understand that this may be a crazy question, but I’d like to knowanyways.Please only answer if you actually know..I mean, could (and would) they actually remove parts of your riband hip bones, to make it smaller?You see, I’m quite skinny and short, but my hips are.. well, pretty big, and so is my chest, and by that I mean my ribcase. So yeah.. Thanks if you answer.
A: I once saw on a show about supermodels, models would have their lowest rib removed to have a smaller waists, but I’m pretty sure those surgeries were done illegally. You really can’t change your bone structure, just rock what you got!
What is the best and most accurate way to make your hips smaller? The real deal?
Q: I have tried everything possible and my hips is the biggest problem with my body I need someone who knows some magic.
A: Unfortunetly there is no magic way to “lose your hips”- you cant reduce one part of your body, and not the rest. The only way to do it is to get excercising- running or even power walking is great- even some lunges etc if you can. At the same time, reduce your calorie intake (not too much or you wont have any energy to excercise). When you have lost some weight, the muscles (that you have tightened up with excercise) underneath will hopefully now look toned and your hips will be smaller. Thats the magic truth. good luck- you can do it!

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