Is there anything that can make a person taller

Is there anything that can make a person taller

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Make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet, and if that still doesn’t work, talk to your doctor about growth hormones. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can swimming make a person grow taller?
Swimming itself doesn’t help you grow taller … it’s just a great exercise which can be coupled with eating right and getting enough sleep that help you. Swimming is one of those sports where your complete physical fitness is one of the mo…
Is there surgery that can make a person taller?
From…/index.html Leg Lengthening is a complex process that has traditionally been performed primarily on children to correct disproportional leg lengths. It has also been an option for people with dwarfism to …
How to Grow Taller – The Natural Way
Hi There are some specific methods that can help you growing taller faster. Here are some useful methods to grow taller naturally: Good sleeping Getting a full night’s sleep every night is one of the things that you must do if you want to g…

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is there anything, besides milk, that helps a person grow tall?
Q: like any medicine to help people grow.
A: milk has never been shown to help in that aspect. as long as calories are sufficient and there are no major nutritional deficiencies the rest is up to is a word of advice. never trust the manufacturer of an item. it doesn’t matter if it’s milk from the dairy industry or a tv set from sony. they are biased and any data that they show will always favor them. you will get much more accurate data from a 3rd party source which does not benefit from the sale of said items.
is there any medicine that makes a person grow tall?
Q: since medical science is at its best now these days, did they come up with anything that helps a person grow tall?
A: milk
I’m 5’2” , 20 years old, is there anything that can make me grow taller? at least 2-4 inches? seriously help!?
Q: I’m a healthy person. I take good sleep but my childhood wasn’t that good, i doubt maybe maturity before age stunt my height… i really need to know if there is anything i can do about my height. specially hearing comments from other people about my height really kills me each single time, i serious help, i’ll be thankful.About genetics… my dad is 5’9” and mum is half an inch shorter than me.I live in ksa so its a normal height here but because im dating a tall guy… about 6’2” or abouve (190) so sometimes, though he never called me short or something but i know he like tall girls…which makes me feel a bit insecure.But thanks to all of you…. those were some really nice advices, will work on them! 🙂
A: As far as I know, when your growth plates are closed, the only way that you can gain a bit of extra height is with surgery that is very complex and very dangerous as well as frightfully expensive and you are much better off without it. Although your height is below average you are not abnormally short and your height is very normal. Lots of women are shorter than you are.If you wish to investigate this surgery (for information purposes) you can find relevant information in a web search for “leg lengthening surgery”.

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