Should I work out today

Should I work out today

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You should work out today. Exercise improves your mood, gives you energy, strengthens heart and lungs, and helps your sleep. [ Source: ]
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Should I work out today?
Preggies should never have to work out. Its a time to stuff your face and relax.
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Pressured into eating Burger King – should I cut out calories and make sure I work out today?
Q: I’ve eaten oatmeal this morning, non-fat yogurt and an apple. This afternoon I had Burger King. Now it’s only early afternoon and I’ve used 1700 calories already – which is pretty much my daily total. What can I do to break even today? Any low calorie dinner ideas? Should I work out a bit longer? Thanks.
A: Just eat and exercise as you would normally (of course adding 10 extra minutes to working out couldn’t hurt). Sometimes it’s good to alter your diet for a couple days so your body is not totally accustomed to getting exactly the same amount of calories and such a day. The same goes for exercise too; if you jog 10 minutes a day every day for weeks, your body gets used to it.
Should i drink cytogainer even if i didnt work out today?
Q: my muscles are still sore from my workout from yesterday and i didnt work out today but iam about to go to sleep so should i drink cytogainer any way?
A: Yeah, if your muscles are still aching that means they are still torn and need protein to rebuild themselves. On the cyto gainer package it says to drink 3 times a day but that’s pretty much nonsense (and probably unhealthy). I’d recommend maybe 2-3 scoops on your off day, depending on how much your muscles ache because the more sore they are, the more they’ll need (and also you’ll be able to judge if you ate a lot of protein already and really need that much of a supplement).
I worked out my triceps and chest yesterday… what should I work out today?
Q: I just got a gym membership.. and I went yesterday for my first work out and worked out my chest and triceps. My chest is just a bit sore but my triceps hurt so I can’t bend my arm completely. So what area should I work out today to stress out my triceps the least? Which exercise can I do (barring legs) that stresses my triceps the least?
A: not the best idea to work chest and triceps on the same day if you’re going for a day-to-day routine schedule. you should group it up with other muscle groups on your arms and create an “arms day”, mainly focussing on forearm flexors, forearm extensors, biceps, triceps, and all sections of your deltoids.After your arms day, have a chest and back day. Work your pectorals, trapezius, lower back, and back lats.Then after that, finish up with a lower body and abs day, work your abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves on this day, and if you can make an effort on your glutes as well.after that have a rest day, and repeat the process so it’ll be a four day rotating schedule, that’s the way most successful lifters work their schedules and how i do it (minus the rest day because 2 days of rest is usually sufficient)

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