Should you exercise when your muscles are sore from exercising

Should you exercise when your muscles are sore from exercising

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You should never exercise the same muscles two days in a row. If the pain is minor you can continue exercise and it is recommended to get plenty of protein and water. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What causes muscle soreness during Exercise?
Intensive workouts result in microtrauma of the muscle fibers and the connective tissue resulting in inflammation leading to muscle soreness. The microtrauma that results is due to microtears in the tissue. Many people think that the sorene…
How to Reduce and Minimize Muscle Soreness After Exercise?
・ 1 Know your limits. If you are starting an exercise program or going to partake in an activity that you… ・ 2 Warm up, cool down, and stretch. With any exercise or activity, warming up and stretching will help… ・ 3 Water, Water, Water….
Why are my muscles always sore after exercise??
That’s totally normal. Its your muscle fibers building. Milk is not protein though. After exercising eat a protein bar, or drink a protein shake. Obviously best case scenario would be to go home and actually eat dinner, but if you can’t do …

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Is it a good idea to exercise your muscles when they are sore? Or should you wait until they don’t hurt?
Q: Basically I’ve heard conflicting responses to this question. I have heard from some people that if you work out your legs, for example, and they are sore the next day you should work them out again because you’ll get better results. Other people say to wait until they don’t hurt anymore to work them out again or it’s similar to “picking a scab”. Who is right?
A: i have asked 2 different fitness professionals this question and they say it’s good to work the soreness out with cardio, not weight trainingyour muscles need proper rest from heavy workloads for approx. 2 days…….let’s say you do 300 lb squats on mondayon tuesday you take an aerobics class and do lunges using just your body weightit’s ok to do these lunges b/c you are not doing near the weight you were the day before when you were on the squat rackso, working the soreness out through exercise is ok as long as little to no weight is added when working the sore muscles
How to prevent sore muscles from exercise?
Q: Hi, I want to lose a few pounds, and I’ve come to realize, it’s going to take some exercise. But the problem is, that when i exercise, the next day, my muscles are sore and it hurts too much to work out again. Is there a way to prevent or reduce the pain of sore muscles?
A: * first of all warm up your body by stretching exercises or something like that then start your cardio exercises …* even after exercise strecth a bit* Increase your exercise time slowly..first start with 15 min daily do so for 1 week then increase your time to 25 mins like that slowly increase the time and even the intensity of exercies* do not work out 7 days a week….give a day break atleast muscles need rest.* have a protein food immediately after a strenous workout* Donot stop exercising when you have sore muscles instead do for less time…if you give break it will be the same once you starti have written all the possible reasons for sore muscles and tipshope it is helpfulgoodluck
should I still exercise if my muscles are sore from working out the previous day?
Q: I have been working out to this work out video. Today I wake up very sore, which is expected, but Im wondering if I should let my muscles rest or keep going? Like is it okay to workout when your muscles are sore? Thanks!
A: You should let your muscles rest. You being sore is your body letting your know that it’s still rebuilding muscle and that you should take it easy. If you don’t then your not giving your muscle enough time to rebuild so your not fully taking advantage of your workout. Hope I helped and good luck!

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