What are more exercises to make my thighs skinnier

What are more exercises to make my thighs skinnier

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Wall squats, standing dumbbell squats, lunges, seated butterfly, seated split stretch, seated hip twist, and lying leg pull for a full thigh workout. Have fun and ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-more-exercises-to-make-my-thighs-skinnier ]
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Do exercise bikes make your thighs skinnier?
It does but in my opinion jogging is better so maybe you can consider a treadmill over a bike… Just a thought.
What exercises can you do to make your thighs skinny without usin…?
It sounds like your complaint is more towards the shape and relative size of your thighs. Most likely your thighs are not any differently composed than any other woman’s thighs, it is just that you may find the shape undesireable for your t…

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what are some good exercises to help make my thighs skinnier?
Q: im 14 btw and i eat real healthy but i just want to know some good exercises to make my thighs skinnier.ty!exercises that i can do INDOORS without an exercise machine thanks
A: go up and down your stairs(if you have any) if you go up and down them for 30 mins you can burn 400 calories
How can i make my thighs skinnier?
Q: how can i only get skinnier on my thighs, but not the rest of my body parts. i think im fine on my other body parts, except my thigs, so how can i only make my thighs skinner: what exercises?
A: jog and ride bikes to make them smaller and all mussel
What is the best method to make thighs skinnier?
Q: Are there any specific exercises that I can do? Does jogging make thighs thinner?
A: running works along with hills. also doing some squats and pilates will also work. big thing you need to focus on is diet though to see results.

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