What are some good ways to fall asleep quickly

What are some good ways to fall asleep quickly

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Taking a nice warm bath is an excellent way to dissolve tensions and leave the day behind. The fluctuation in body temp helps too! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-good-ways-to-fall-asleep-quickly ]
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What are the best ways to quickly fall asleep?
I can’t really think of a TON of ways, but a couple that work for me are: ・ (1) imagine that you’re sinking into your bed. Start with your feet and work all the way up to your head. … ・ (2) Try counting things… It works for me sometimes…
What are ways to fall asleep quickly?
try taking a bath. the smell of lavender usually helps. try reading a book, or turning something boring on tv. all else fails, nyquil!
Is there a way to fall asleep super quickly?
I already answered ur other question How to fal asleep b4 100 am so yeah, just llook up my answr X D

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Ways to fall asleep quickly & get a good sleep.?
Q: Without pills or any medicines.I always stay up until like 4 because I can never fall asleep, nor am I tired enough to. & that makes me sleep until like 2, so I need some ways to fall asleep quickly.
A: Perhaps you can find some useful tips in a web search for “how to fall asleep faster”.
Anybody have any ways to relax and fall asleep quickly?
Q: Please tell me some ways to fall asleep pretty quickly,because somehow I’ve been lately taking a long while to fall completely asleep. I just can’t really find a way to relax and fall asleep. Maybe it’s just my bed?Anyway, HELP.
A: read the bible, that always puts me right to sleep. if i really need a good sound sleep, i go to work.
Does anyone have good ways to fall asleep within 5 minutes at any given time?
Q: Besides drinking warm milk, counting back from one hundred, and counting sheep, are there any ways that I can fall asleep quickly? I haven’t gotten much sleep lately, and I need to know how I cna get to sleep before school starts up again. Thanks!
A: one unconventional method is to use a trick I do,and you don’t need sleep aids. The mind is constantly firing messages through the synapse, and you have to stop supplying energy to the various corridors that carry information.Try this,1. lay down on your back and place your hands at each side of the body.2. Take slow deep breathes 3 to 10 to relax and supply more oxygen to the brain. This will allow endorphins to be released(I think it is the endorphic system)3. close your eyes and envision a spot at an infinite distance.Now this part depends on your own ability to control your thoughts,Imagine you are traveling in your mind to that spot.There will be flash images, not bright, but visible to your night time eyes,And allow a feeling of numbness to wash over your body, this indicates motor controls are slowing down.You should be able to”see” the light flashes begin to pass by your body(Mind). A feeling of losing weight should happen, or lightness if you prefer.this tricks the mind and body, and changes the type of brain waves you give off.4. concentration is the key, and you won’t be having all the days disappointments ,and and activities slipping around your thoughts. This works like transendental meditation and bio feed back, but my method is more of a self hypnosis. Once you train your mind to go into this area, you will sleep quickly and soundly.

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