What are some ways i can get bigger

What are some ways i can get bigger

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It is best to choose one or two areas to focus on at a time so that you can rotate work-outs for those areas. Such as arms and legs. For arms, do weight-lifting with dunbells and such and for legs, do cardio. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-i-can-get-bigger ]
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What are some ways that I can get them big?
Zach, You need more weight, less reps, and less workouts. Also, doing a total-body workout at least …
What are some of the ways i can get bigger and stay agile.?
The key to getting bigger is nutrition. Keep getting quality calories in and get consistent with your weights. For you agility, you need to keep moving in a variety of changing direction drills. Keep your hips low when you change direction,…
How do i get a bigger butt?!?!?! what are ways for my thighs and …?
Eat lots of sugar and carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, cake, donuts, rice, crackers. It will make you fat but I have to warn you that it isn’t healthy. You are healthier without excessive fat. Also, this will make your whole body fat. Ther…

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What are some ways to make my biceps bigger?
Q: I have 10lb weights at home, I sometimes hold them together to make them 20lbs instead. What are some ways to make my biceps bigger with items at home? Do push ups help?
A: Definitely, pushups are great for the arms because they increase circulation to the arms. A barbell set is the most direct way to slam your ‘ceps. In fact, I find the biceps the easiest muscles to build. But you need to always think of the body as a whole. Muscles come in sets, so you have to build not just the biceps but also the triceps, the joints, the back, etc. If you neglect the whole body approach, you will get injured and can even cause more serious health problems.I like to start with the legs, sprinting builds big leg muscles, stimulates testosterone and builds endurance and promotes circulation through the entire body. Just a few seconds at a time causes noticeable results. Of course, the classic advice is to consult your doctor before starting any workout program.A good personal trainer can get you started with just one quick session, point out hazards and help keep you motivated.
What are some natural ways to make your breasts bigger?
Q: I don’t want to get implants but I want my boobs to be bigger. What are some natural ways to do that?
A: I heard working out your chest muscle will make your boobs look bigger. Go to the gym and try using the chest press or “P90X Chest” CD.
What are some ways that I can get bigger muscles ?
Q: What are some ways that I can get bigger muscles ? But without going to the gym just get them at home ?
A: To get bigger muscles you need to:- Eat more protein and lift weightsYou can use gallons of milk or fill plastic bags with cans to use as weights. Or a younger sibling – seriously! :)Eat more chicken, fish, meat, chickpeas, tofu and other protein-rich food.- Eat less carbs and trans fat.This will help your weight gain be more toned and reveal the muscle-tone you are building. Why have muscles if they are hidden under flab?- Lift weights every single day and work your muscles for an hour or two a day every day.

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