What are symptoms of a torn mcl

What are symptoms of a torn mcl

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The most common symptom following a medial collateral ligament injury is pain directly over the ligament. Swelling over the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-of-a-torn-mcl ]
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What are the symptoms of a torn MCL?
The most common symptom following a medial collateral ligament injury is pain directly over the ligament. Swelling over the torn ligament may appear, and bruising and generalized joint swelling are common 1 to 2 days after the injury. In mo…

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what are the symptoms of a torn MCL?
A: Presuming you are talking about cruciate ligaments, then the symtoms are quite possibly the most painful experiences you will ever feel in your knee.You won’t be able to wait and it will give way. This is an incredibly serious injury.If you can walk and only have limited pain, you may have damaged your smaller cartlidge or patella.
How would you know if you tore your MCL?
Q: played basketball and landed wrong on my foot which made my top half of my leg go left and the bottom go right. My right knee basically shift in different ways. Im thinking that my MCL tore because the pain is coming from the left side of my right knee. It has been over 2 weeks now and i still cannot bend my knee. It is still swollen. There is pain still and pain hasnt been reduced. I have been icing it ever since i messed it up. So how do i know if i even tore my MCL????? What are symptoms??? What can i do to make it heal??? Should i bend my knee and rehab it even if there’s pain???? Please help any doctors out there????
A: The knee is a pretty complicated joint and has a large number of ligaments and tendons running in all directions. MCL (or Medial Collateral Ligament) tears are pretty common among athletes, so it is very possible that you tore it. Unfortunately, however, the only way to officially diagnose any ligament tears is with an MRI or some other form of imaging. You should try to make an appointment as soon as possible.I would highly recommend taking a break from basketball and all other sports until you can see your doctor. Ibuprofen and periodic ice will help the pain subside temporarily, but you really should have your doctor take a look.For further reference, here is a pretty good website that helps explain the ligaments in the knee and how they can be injured:http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/kneeinjuries/a/mclinjury.htm
MCL or ACL tear?
Q: I’ve already gone to the docs for a check up; haven’t had my MRI yet. I was at the gym doing leg extensions or something like that when it gave out. The doc did a few leg tests and told me it was an MCL tear/injury. That I know for sure since I do have pain on the inner part of my left knee. I’m on crutches and wearing a hinged knee brace. I really haven’t tried walking as I am trying to let it heal but at the same time, I know it’s probably a level 3 tear. What I don’t know if my ACL is damage which I am praying that it isn’t since I don’t have insurance to cover for surgery. I know the symptoms are instability but I read MCL level 3 has the same instability symptom. I’m really confused if my doc didn’t check for an ACL injury. Maybe he did but I have no idea. Is it was possible if I just a MCL lvl 3 isolated injury? Is there a way I can check? With an MCL lvl 3, can I walk? Idon’t have much problem extending my leg back and forth with my leg brace. And the swelling isn’t really bad.I have an event coming up in two months and all I want to do is be able to walk without a brace. Will I have enough time to heal by then or am I screwed? ThanksThanks everyone for your input. From what it sounds like, MRI tests just can’t be 100%. Dennis R got the details down pretty well. I was doing that machine but the leg pad setting wasn’t set correctly thus I over-exerted myself in a awkward manner. I am in great shape and I still hit the gym with my crutches. If it’s just a MCL lvl 1 then I shouldnt have instability if it’s damage to my ACL. That’s why I’m just confused. I’m keeping my ears opened for my opinions.I never had any prior injuries to my knee.
A: The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee. A slight stretch in the MCL can cause some instability due to its positioning and its roll in the knee.Typically checking for an ACL injury is protocol when you have injured your knee. The doctor typically pulls on your upper shin bonen to see if it come out farther than your femur.I just had surgery to repair my ACL. In my case I tore both the MCL and ACL, but the ACL didn’t register at my first doctor’s visit because my muscles were so tense and wouldn’t relax so the PA could properly perform the pivot shift test.If your ACL is torn you would have pain behind your knee and would have felt or heard the famous pop. Hope this helps

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