What are the rules of Judo

What are the rules of Judo

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The 2008 and most recent International Judo Federation rules state that the number of scores will be reduced to Yuko…MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-rules-of-judo ]
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What are the rules of judo?
The basic rules of Judo are: NO kicking, punching, touching the face/eyes. No leg locks, knee, wrist or finger manipulations. In a comp you are not allowed to walk away from your partner outside the red mat, you must show some indication of…
Is this judo rule stupid or what?
After the finals a gender control will be done on the three female competitors nominated to undergo the anti-doping control. If a competitor nominated to undergo a gender control test and presents a certificate issued by an official institu…

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what are the rules of judo and what training is needed to become a participant?
A: Try looking here!http://www.judoinfo.com/
where can i find judo rules in the olympics what about Shooting and weoghtlifing?
A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judo_ruleshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_sportsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weightlifting
what are the rules of judo?
Q: can someone tell me the rules to judo because i have a japanese assignment and i have to say what the rules to judo are and i can’t find a good website so can someone tell me the rules or tell me a website where i can find the rules for judo.
A: Basic Rules:The two opponents start approximately 4 meters apart and start fighting when the referee says “Hajime” they stop whenever the referee announces “Mate”You can win a match in several ways:1) Throwing your opponent down with the following three elements: Largely on their back, speed, and force. Lacking in any of the three elements will result in minor points being awarded.2) Pinning an opponent for 25 seconds3) Submission using a choke or arm lock.4) If the match time expires, the judoka with the most points wins.Other Notes:There are four kinds of points, Ippon (or full point, getting this ends the match immediately), Waza ari (half point, two Wazaris equals and Ippon), Yuko, and Koka. Yukos and Kokas do not add up to anything and no amount of Yukos equal a Waza ari and no amount of Kokas equal a Yuko.If a match times out, a judoka with 1 Yuko would beat a judoka with any number of Kokas, and 1 Waza ari would beat any number of Yukos.Pins are broken down by the amount of time you hold your opponent under control. The referee announces a pin by saying “Osaekomi” and announces an escape by calling “Toketa”. The points awarded by pins are as follows:0-9 seconds = no score10-14 seconds = Koka15-19 seconds = Yuko20-24 seconds = Waza ari25 seconds = Ippon.If your opponent recieves a penalty (Shido) your score is increased by the following rules:Shido = slight penalty = Koka to your opponentChui = serious penalty = Yuko (two Shidos = Chui)Keikoku = grave penalty = Waza Ari (three Shidos = Keikoku)Hansoku Make = Very grave penalty = Ippon (4 Shidos = Hansoku Make) If Hansoku Make is given directly, the competitor being penalized is disqualified from the tournament completely.Also, most tournaments restrict techniques based on age or rank division. Most tournaments do not allow chokes in divisions where children under the age of 13 compete, or arm locks in novice (under Brown Belt) divisions.Here is a link to the International Judo Federation Rules website:http://www.ijf.org/corner/qCornerList.asp?MenuCode=RJNick, the larger penalties I mentioned came directly from the IJF website, and they weren’t there when I read the rules when I first started. They are still in the rules, but most tournaments only award Shidos and don’t mention the others.

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