What can I do to get really skinny

What can I do to get really skinny

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Start a regular exercise program and stick with it. Also, healthy foods are an important ingredient in losing weight. ChaCha on!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-get-really-skinny ]
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How to get really skinny?
Eat less and exercise more. At the point you describe him to be, he likely will need medical help. With that much fat he may not be able to look normal until he can have excess skin surgically removed. When the skin is stretched so far you …
Is there a specific workout to get really skinny?
You can’t just say you want to be a various size; it all depends on what body shape you have. If you want dramatic weight loss to that extent it will take you a good few years – that’s if you do it the healthy way. Eating the recommended 3 …
Does it Work and How Fast Can You Really Get Skinny??
Many people ask themselves, “Why should I do a colon cleanse?” Well, with the advancement of technology came processed foods and fast foods, also known as “junk” food. Over the years the chemical, sodium, and sugar cont…

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What can I do to make myself healthier?
Q: I’m 16 year old male, and I want to become healthier. I’m not obese, or chubby, nor skinny. Its just, my body does not feel right, or clean. I was thinking of a list I could do:Exercise on the weekends for 30 minutes.Eat more Fruit and Vegetables (Even though they have pesticides)Do Yoga (To become more flexible, and to stretch out my youth)Read every time I’m on a tripStop eating a lot fatty or colon-clogging foods such as burritos, or cheese.Keep my back straight, walk and sit down with my back straight.(Anyone have any tips on how to keep my back straight when sitting or walking/standing?)What else can I do?
A: I advocate a low carb way of eating to normalize a body & bring it to optimal health. I recommend using a exercise ball for sitting to strengthen your core & force correct posture. I also recommend sugar free yogurt (and kefir), making (and eating) your own sprouts and adding coconut oil & chia seeds to your diet.
What do MEN get from the Skinny or Thin girls?
Q: I mean what do they get from thin girls? where as chubby girls are more soft and enjoyable. they give a fresh look. im not talking about heavy girls but those who are not thin. bones bones everywhere.. :S
A: As a man, I don’t like the disgusting, bony look. I want someone who doesn’t obsess about their weight or waist size. I think the common misconception with women is that men want that kind of look.The pressure women are under to look like a toothpick is more applied by the women themselves. People see that occasionally, especially in celebrities, and feel like they themselves should be like that.I’m not sure where your question is coming from, so just in case you had the experience of a man who wanted someone skinny, here is my best response to your question. Some men feel disgusted by anyone who isn’t as “beautiful” as they are. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the man was beautiful, or that you aren’t, just that he thought he was. Men in general tend to have higher self images than women, meaning they feel like they deserve someone who is able to keep up with them. And thanks to modern influences, such as television, magazines, the internet (ironic, isn’t it?) men picture the perfect woman as some girl who’s had half her fat removed by a computer.My advice, get over him, and any man like him. There always is someone who realizes what really matters, so just don’t let the people who don’t get you down.
How can i get a skinny, healthily body without having a whole lot of muscle?
Q: I want to have muscle but i don’t want to look like body builder. Im 15 years old and for my height i am a little over weight, but im in sports so my doctor says that its not all fat. But i still want to have a nice, skinny body so that i can go swimming with my friends and have fun. Im always wearing a hoodie because i really don’t like how my stomach looks and i never wear a shirt any where becaus i dont like my legs and i dont like being like this all of the time. I really want to feel good about my body but i don’t want to like look totally skinny but also i don’t want a huge amount of muscle. How can i get what i want?
A: You should want lots of muscle. It looks SO awesome!

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