What can you do to become more flexible

What can you do to become more flexible

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The best way to become flexible is through stretching. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-become-more-flexible ]
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What do I do to become this flexible?
Sure is, you can see she is a dancer by the ballet shoes. You just need to stretch in the position in which you want to achieve. In this case, stretch towards the splits, both ways, lay back and stretch both legs in this manner as well. Do …
How to become flexible ?
Follow this Diet chart and yoga aasans It is good that you have sought the help of Yoga to bring your body back into shape. While your practices and measure to eliminate excess weight or what you do is important, what you shouldn’t do is ju…
Does Pilates help you become more flexible?
Yes! Pilates will strengthen and stretch your body at the same time, slowly building up a range of movement as you become more advanced.

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How do I become more flexible? Im so inflexible and I want to be flexible fast and stay flexible.?
Q: I like stretching, but I also dont like it, so thats probably why i dont do it. To become flexible how long should I hold stretches and how much a day should I do it? I know alot of stretches but does anyone have any really unique ones? Im a teenaged girl if that matters too. and right now it hurts to touch my toes.
A: Pilates is great for helping with stretching
How do you become more flexible?
Q: So, im a competitive cheerleader im 13 and im a super strong base and i base people heavier then me so im great in strength also im a very good tumbler so im great in tumbling and strength the only thing i lack is flexibility i would be a flyer but im not flexible. how do i become flexible?
A: Stretch. A LOT.That’s really all you can do…You’ve just got to keep at it daily, and you’ll gradually become flexible.
How do I learn to become more flexible?
Q: To be in the cheerleading team I need to be able to do a stradle split and high bridge. Oh and cartwheels. How can I become flexible??? I serously get red in the face while doing splits and stradles. and i cant do a cart wheel. Help me!!! Thanks(:Im in Jazz class(helps you with splits and stradles), cant afford gymnastics 🙁
A: Lots and lots of stretching.Stretching is very important in any athletic sport.

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