What does dance do for you

What does dance do for you

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Mayo Clinic researchers reported that social dancing helps to: Reduce stress, increase energy, improve strength increase muscle tone and coordination! Have a great night and keep ChaCha-ing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-dance-do-for-you ]
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How to Dance
・ Listen to the rhythm. With most music that people dance to on a casual basis, you can pick up the beat… ・ Bob your head to the rhythm. If the beat is on the slower side, you can bob your head so that your chin… ・ Shift your weight bet…
How to Belly Dance
・ 1 Dress the part. Find clothing that is stylish and modern yet comfortable. Think long loose skirts and… ・ 2 Purchase a CD of Middle Eastern music. This will set the mood and help you learn the rhythm of belly… ・ 3 Warm up. Belly danc…
What is a lap dance?
A lap dance is a specific type of sex dance offered in some strip clubs or (somewhat more formal) gentlemen’s clubs in which the patron is seated, and the dancer is either in immediate contact ( contact dancing ) with the patron, or within …

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What are some strip clubs in detroit that you do not need a dance card for?
Q: Hey im 19 intrested in stripping but cant get a card right now, so are there any strip clubs in the detroit area or in michigan not too far from detroit where i could dance or be a waitress to make some quick cash? No negative feed backs i dont wanna hear your B.S. about my body, i just want the question answered!
A: Yes. Any club that is not in Detroit. There are some in Inkster and Dearborn as well as Romulus that are outside of Detroit. None of these require dance cards.Good luck and hope to see you dancing in one sometime soon. I will definitely tip you.
I can sing and dance but i’m afraid to go in public and let them judge me, what should I do?
Q: I was in the Drill Team, school choir and was in the youth choir. I think that I can sing and dance but i’m afraid to go in public and let them judge me.I am a 13 year old, I have been in the drill team, school choir, and was in the youth choir. Help me!!!!!! Would it also be helpful if I try out for drill team in High School?????
A: First, start out by knowing that everyone is afraid of such things. A completely normal byproduct of being in the performing arts. The flip side of that (which you don’t know about just yet) is that once you overcome that fear, the feeling is exhillerating. Each person has their own techniques for overcoming it, and I would venture to say that each person will probably tell you that it has been worth it. I used to develop a routine for myself. As a pianist, my pre-performance routine centered around taking care of myself as it pertained to my art form. I soaked my hands in hot water, massaged them, stretched them, etc. I ate a banana for potassium to help keep the muscles limber. I went for a mind-clearing walk, and focused on calming my breathing. When it was time for the performance, I had cleared my mind to the point where I almost felt tired. And when I felt tired, I was relaxed, and the performance went smoothly. As a singer and dancer, your pre-performance ritual may be slightly different, but the underlying theme is that it should be something that involves taking care of/pampering yourself. What results from that is a general feeling of preparedness, which helps immensely with feelings of stage fright. While on the topic of preparedness, well before your audition or performance, Practice, Practice, Practice! Know your pieces well. That will help greatly, too, when it comes time to perform. Know that you are ready for whatever comes. Know also that each person has their own individual tips and tricks to dealing with stage fright, and that regardless of what anyone tells you, it is trial-and-error to some degree. Keep your eye on your dream, and don’t let a few jitters hold you back. Its gorgeous on the other side. 🙂
what are some good themes for a winter homecoming dance?
Q: our school is having our winter homecoming dance in like a month and Link Crew gets to choose the theme and i can’t think of any, any help? Last year’s was ParadICE.its not a Christmas dance just a dance in the winter, but something that would be easy to decorate the gym with and stuff pleasethey already used winter wonderland
A: Last year our christmas dance was called “Sweet Treat Serenade”It was sort of like a winter candyland theme? I know it is kind of random, but I didn’t pick it.

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