What does walking for exercise do for your body

What does walking for exercise do for your body

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Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It uses up oxygen, causing your body to burn stored fat. So get out there. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-walking-for-exercise-do-for-your-body ]
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What parts of the body does Nordic walking exercise??
No, we really don’t need to jog to get fit. And that means we don’t need to spend money on trendy jogging gear. Best of all, we can forgo the heavy breathing, moaning and groaning that accompanies the average jogger. Walking is absolutely t…
Is walking and bike riding enough to exercise ALL of the lower bo…?
Yes, it is. However, you have to do something different every once in a while. If your body gets accustomed to the exercise, it wil stop responding to it, and just plateau (but I guess that’s what you want, isn’t it?). On the occasion tha…
How to Do a Walking Lunge Lower Body Exercise?
Summary: Learn about doing a walking lunge lower body exercise from our expert in this free fitness video on lower body cross training exercises.

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Why does your body itch really bad after exercise?
Q: After I exercise (mostly walking) my legs and back and hips itch. Why?
A: It’s the heat trying to escape from your body, but your pores aren’t fully opening for it to sweat out. If i’m correct, you only get itchy at the point just before you fully break out into a sweat… but once you do, you don’t itch, right? If that’s the case, then this is the reason. Put a heater and a small humidifier in your bedroom. Warm up the temperature in your room when you sleep and make it humid. For a week or so it might hurt but once your pores open up from the humidity your problem will be solved forever. Try to keep warm after the problem goes away or it will come back. Good luck!
What’s the best form of whole body exercise? Walking, swimming, or jogging.?
Q: Besides using machines like, treadmills and exercise bikes.
A: swimming. When I was on the swim team I was ripped. But during that time the coach also had us in the weight room. For a workout we would do both sprints and long distance- all timed. The faster you got done with a set the more rest you got before the next set.The only downside of being on the swimming team was the itsybity teenyweeny suits they had us wear. I had a tiny hole that wasn’t noticeable unless you knew about it in the back of my suit but when I bent over the blocks it stretched into a very noticeable hole.
Yesterday I saw this Chinese lady stop from her walking exercise and start tapping her shoulders and body?
Q: What was this lady doing…She tapped and sort of hit each shoulder, then with both hands she began tapping at different segments of her body, starting from her chest, then going down to her stomach segment, then up again, etc. What is this? Is this tai chi? What are the BENEFITS? Why is it being done while walking, because I had also seen a man doing it a few years back. It looked very intriguing, hope your answers can clarify things for me. Thanks.
A: *Sigh*It is part of Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu. Any serious practitioner of Chinese martial arts is aware of the flow of Chi and body’s meridians. If you were to look at the Bronze Man, you would find a direct relationship between the points she was tapping and the key points of the meridians. There are different thoughts on ways of stimulating and activating the flow. Some believe tapping and some use massage or even acupressure for this. When people are really sick, they go to a highly trained individual to use acupuncture.

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