What does zumba mean

What does zumba mean

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Zumba is a fusion of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps to the tune of Latin and International music. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-zumba-mean ]
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The word ZUMBA® was coined by our company, and is an arbitrary word we selected as a brand to identify our dance fitness programs and related products. ZUMBA® is the brand name of our particular programs and should not be used to refer to a…

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When you workout and sweat a lot does that mean you have more muscle that fat?
Q: I went to zumba yesterday…the class was only an hour but when i came home I had large sweat stains on the front and back of my shirt. A lady at the gym told me that when you sweat like i was it means you have more muscle than fat…is this true?
A: Sweating is simply your bodies way of trying to cool down. The hotter you are, the more you are going to sweat. If that heat is caused by working out, than you are probably doing a good work out, but it had nothing to do with the amount of fat or muscle one has. Zumba is going to be more of a cardio exercise, that burns fat, and helps to create lean muscle, but once again amount of sweat has nothing to due with fat and muscles levels.
What does RAKATA mean in ENGLISH?
Q: Salte… (‘W’, con!)Si no estas bailando con ellaSalte… (‘Y’, Yandel!)Si no estas perreando con ellaSalte… (Luny! Medio millón de copias, obligao’!)Si no estas bailando con ellaSalte… (El dúo de la historia!)Para hacerle… (En “Mas Flow 2”!)(Zumba!)Rakata, rakataSi se me pega voy a darleRakata, rakataEsta noche quiero hacerleRakata, rakataSi se me pega voy a darleRakata, rakataEeeeeh…(Me toca a mi!)Capicu, llego el frontúNo trates de apagarme Porque te apagas tú’W’, apagale la luzMami, acelera duro ese cucuTiene veinte enemigasDos amigasPantalla en la barrigaTatuaje en la vejigaEn el culipandeo ella mata la ligaSiga… (Siga, siga!)Para hacerle…Rakata, rakataSi se me pega voy a darleRakata, rakataEsta noche quiero hacerleRakata, rakataSi se me pega voy a darleRakata, rakataEeeeeh…(Nelly, nos vamos)Le gusta que Wisin la jale por el peloGritalo… (Papi, dame lo que quiero!)Siente la pr
A: It doesn’t mean anything special… It’s like asking what does yaba-daba-doo means in English… It’s an onomatopeyic sound (like splash when you jump into water) and refers to a strong movement, like grabbing or embracing someone with passion.
What does it mean if you feel tired for at least 2 or 3 days?
Q: I normally am very energetic and do things around the house. I am also lively at school. I am just going to school and taking Zumba classes. Sometimes I might go to bed around 12, but manage to get up early the next day. I think I might feel fatigued because of the Zumba class because it is mostly dancing with some aerobics which is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I went running this Friday and did six laps around 3 which was around 90 degrees. I jogged the first 4 and walked the last 2. I haven’t got my period yet, so why do I feel tired? Can lots of sugar make you tired? I’ve kinda had a sweet tooth.Could it be the change of weather?
A: yes, lots of sugar make you tired……………

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