What exercise helps you get abs the best

What exercise helps you get abs the best

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How to get the best abs: Bicycle crunches, knee lift on a captains chair, crunches on a ball, crunches with vertical legs, MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-exercise-helps-you-get-abs-the-best ]
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What are the best foods to eat and best exercises to help get abs…?
The best foods to avoid are processed sugar, fried foods, and alcohol. Pretty much anything else is fair game. Chicken, fish, veggies and fruit. The less processed the better for getting ripped. Ab Exercises only help a little bit, if you w…
What are some good exercises (other than gymming) that will help …?
First off they is a kind of crunch that is called a “double-crunch” that helps tone and flatten all parts of your abs. Just get in the same position as a regular crunch and also lift your lower-back/butt at the same time. Do this …
What are the best lower abs exercises to help me get 6 pack abs??
I hope these lower abs exercises will get you started toward the 6 pack abs you desire. Exercises for abs have a place in your overall plan. But most people ignore the essential elements to developing flat abs. It really does take more than…

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What is the best exercise machine that helps you slim your thighs,butt,arms,and abs?
Q: hi im 12 yrs old and weigh 240 lbs and it is very difficult for me because at school kids pick on me and tease me and it really hurts………..so can you please help me find something that is $75.00-100.00…thanks
A: I think the best is an elliptical machine. I am also 12 and weigh 140 lbs. We got an elliptical for less than 100$ at an pawn shop and it works very well. And also try a low carb and calorie diet.
What are the best exercise for your lower abs?
Q: This seems to be a problem area with me. I exercise regularly basis and have a physical job, and I seem be losing weight and toning slowly, except for my lower abs. This has always been a problem area for me :(I really want to be able to wear fitted and cute clothing once the nicer weather comes. Any suggestions on how I can flattened my lower abs in a few months or less, since the nice weather is fast approaching :)Thanks for your answers and help:)
A: The Plank:lay on your stomachplace your hands under your shoulderslift yourself up onto your hands and toesyour body should be in a straight linethe hips are slightly lifted and back is flat (very important)suck your abs up into your spinecontinue to breath and hold for 10 countslower down for 10 countslift again and hold for 20 countslower down for 10 countsrepeat adding 10 counts until you’ve done all you canto increase the intensity:in the lifted position alternating pulling one knee into the chestexhale as you bring the knee init should be a slow and controlled movementdo 10 counts total and lower to rest and repeat
What is the best exercise for abs.?
Q: I what to to have a nice hard abs when i was in my 20’s. I never like abs excerise but it helps. Is there a easy excerise i can do for my abs and enjoy the exercise at the same time?
A: I’m not sure any effective exercise is easy. But maybe changing them around to make them more interesting might be helpful.Below is a link that shows (with photos) ten ab exercises.

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