What exercises can I do laying in my bed

What exercises can I do laying in my bed

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You can do some sit ups and push ups just laying in bed. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-exercises-can-i-do-laying-in-my-bed ]
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Are there any exercises I can do while lying in bed when I’m feel…?
Not only the mental exhaustion and the physical fatigue of going through any cancer treatment can be overwhelming, but to feel so lousy that the thought of exercise seems like impossibility. Just moving your legs and arms will help maintain…

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Why are my hands and feet falling asleep immediately when i lay on bed at night?
Q: At first i thought it was the Carpal tunnel syndrome i have. But i dn’t think so… What happens is at night when i lay on the bed, i’d just be laying and then i start feeling like my hands fall asleep even my right foot. And i’m still awake listening to radio. I don’t know what’s going on with circulation but i eat healthy and i exercise. Im 27 male.yea i don’t smoke and don’t drink and don’t do drugs
A: I will suggest that you should take oliv oil and masage you back side of your neck your shoulders and your arms.I hope it will help you solving your problem.It happens with my mother.So she use oliv oil.
What exercises are there for toning butt and breasts?
Q: I have just come back from a surgery and an illness. So for 7 months ive been laying in my bed. I kind of weak right now so what exercises are there to tone your breasts and butt at home, using unexpensive stuff? (Preferably while laying down or sitting in a chair)
A: I understand your situation. Doing exercise lying down or sitting in a chair is kind of hard but still possible, if you know how to improvise for your body’s condition.Here are the butt and chest routines which normally are done standing up in most cases, but you can do them at a very gentle and slow pace and do without the weights. Butts: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/butt-workouts.htmlBreast: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/chest-workouts.htmlDo 3-4 times per week for say 10-15 minutes per session.You’ll experience a difference in your body.
Why are there so many discrepancies between doctors?
Q: For example when you have a slipped disc one says:lay in bed – the other sais do exerciseslay on a flat board- don’t do itswim – don’t swimhave the operation- the operation is not necesseryphysio will help- physiotherapy won’t helpetc etcwhy can’t they make up their minds so we can trust them better
A: When one type of treatment has proven benefit over others, there’s more consistency. In the case of lumbar disc disease, none has shown consistent results, so recommendations are based on pure judgment without scientific backing. On the other hand, if your disc disease were to degrade into an acute cauda equina syndrome, there’s no doctor who wouldn’t recommend immediate surgery.

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