What exercises should you do to tone your butt

What exercises should you do to tone your butt

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Exercise routines that tone your butt include Hip-Lift Progressions, Toe Taps, Single-Leg Front Raises, Squat with Kick-Back, Single-Leg Squat with Towel, Dumbbell Squats, Plie, Explosive Lunges, Sun Salutations, Clam Dig with Rotation … MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-exercises-should-you-do-to-tone-your-butt ]
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How long should I ride my exercise bike a day to tone my legs, bu…?
You should ride as much as you can but a hour should be enough. You want to pedal at a high cadence 70-90 rpm’s with a lite pressure on the pedals. That will use your slow twitch muscles that use fat as a fuel. It will also keep you legs fr…

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what are some good butt exercises that help REDUCE the apperance of your butt, not tone or enhance it?
Q: i think my rear is too big, to be frank. ive tried workouts and toning exercises, but it makes it look even larger. what are some good butt exercises that help REDUCE the apperance of your butt, not tone or enhance it? please dont suggest surgery.
A: This butt routine might be what you’re looking for:http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/butt-workouts.htmlDo this butt routine for 10-15 mins per session, 3-4 times per week, after a cardio routine (running, walking, biking…..) of at least 30 mins per session, also 3-4 times per week.This routine sizes down your “big” butts and also firms them up to round, sexy, perky shapes.
What are some exercises to tone your butt?
Q: I need to tone up my butt and upper thighs before summer… What are some good exercises I can do? (Ones that don’t involve a membership at a gym, and please don’t say squats cause I can’t do them cause I have really bad knees) any answer is appreciated!Thanks!
A: u can do it sitting down easy! lol u like flex ur butt wen ur sitting its exercise rlly
What are butt exercises that tone your butt but won’t affect your thighs.?
Q: I’m looking to tone ,my butt without turning my thighs into monster athlete thighs which in my opinion are unnatractive. I want to target the muscle group affected by squats and not by leg lifts. Squats and lunges will tunr my thighs huge though, so what are exercises that will target that area without changing my thighs?
A: big thighs are attractive trust me well if they arent like super muscle like……but do squats with lights weights and go ALL the way down…. then make sure you use lights weights but lift multiple times it workes…and yes lungez…..but NO sugar or unhealthy foods or you wiill get huge thighs which in your case are bad

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