What is a fast metabolism

What is a fast metabolism

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Metabolism is the rate at which your body operates.More muscles speed it up.There is not a set metabolism that is considered fast. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-fast-metabolism ]
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What IS a fast metabolism?
it means that you burn more energy than most people just by sitting and maintaining your natural state – breathing, digestion etc. these people’s body temperature is usually higher than normal and they have lots of energy. some people are a…
How to gain weight fast?
are you REALLY eating a lot? Because maybe you think you are but you are not. The only way to gain weight whether it’s fat or muscle, is to consume more energy than you expend. There is no escaping this basic law of human anatomy regardles…
How can I gain weight with A fast metabolism?
I have the same problem gaining weight with a fast metabolism. First you need to be eating more calories then what you are burning. You need to stick to a quality workout routine focusing on core lifts. Core lifts include squats, deadlift, …

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How not to ruin and build fast metabolism?
Q: I have a fast metabolism which benefits me,so I can eat a lot and not gaining a lot of weight.And I wanna know how to maintain it,because I sometimes drink a lot of cold/ice water,which somehow ruins fast metabolism,and slow it.What other thing should I take care?And how can I build a fast metabolism for my body,like eating certain fruits or veggies?
A: There are ways you can speed up your metabolism naturally, without drugs or chemicals. There’s a free report you can get at the website below that talks about keeping weight off without starving yourself.
How can someone with a fast metabolism gain weight?
Q: I really want to gain weight (as in fat) but my metabolism is quite fast. What can I eat and how much can I eat to gain a good amount of weight fast?
A: eat a gallon of ice cream a day…i guarantee you will gain weight
How do you get fat with a fast metabolism?
Q: I have a fast metabolism and i always eat but never get fat. I need i fast way to slow my metabolism and get fatter.
A: My cousin just went to the doctor with the same problem he told her to eat lots of Peanut Butter, nuts, crackers, cereals, raisins, juice an milk. basically the food with the most caleries per serving. If you intake about 500-1000 more caleries a day than your usual diet you should gain about a pound or two per week. but take it slow!!! you should be getting about 30% of your calories that your eatting from fat. Good Luck!

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