What is a good way to work out my triceps

What is a good way to work out my triceps

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To work out your triceps take a barbell in a bench press position and then only move your arms at the elbows. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-way-to-work-out-my-triceps ]
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What is the best way to work triceps?
you cant just do one u have to do both, that will give u the best results. also follow this site for push ups http://hundredpushups.com/
How do you get big biceps and triceps without working out any way…?
If you have a genetic defect in myostatin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myostatin ha! if it is not the condition above, then im certain that it is not actually possible unless you have a disorder or peculiar growth spurt. good luck, if you …

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What’s a good way to work out your biceps, triceps, chest and abs with out using weights?
Q: What is a good way to work them out? And when do I get results? How many days, at the minimum, do I work out to get the results I want? But with out using any weights that means don’t tell me bench press, power clean, squat, curling dumbbells, using machine weights or anything like that. Just by using hands, legs, arms, chest and stomache.
A: hey man, this best advice i can giv u and is very simple is: for ur abs = “crunches” better than “sit-ups” = same as a sit-up but u dont lift the small of ur back off of the ground. for ur pecs = “push-up”. for ur “triceps” = “bench decline” = sit on a bench, put ur hands on the end of the bench and then shimmy down so ur hands r still on the bench but ur arms r basically behind u, keep ur torso as vertical as u can and ur legs out as far as ur can away from u as possible. lift ur slf up away from the bench then hold ur arms straight andthen slowly decend so that ur arms r bent again and just repeat that. Sorry but i dont hav an exercise for ur byeceps yet but if u hav any complications plz email me, i will try my best to answer all ur querys. good luck 🙂
What is a good way to work out your triceps?
Q: Well I want stronger triceps. I only have dumbbells so I can’t do much. What can I dobe specific
A: tricep dips where u have a bench and put ur hands behind u on the bench and then dip urself down and once u do about 10 to 20 u will feel the burn…u can also do handweight and cross them and put them behind ur head and dip down..if that makes sense..it really helps
What is the best way to work out your triceps with a couple dumbells?
Q: I dont have time to go to a gym, i Just need a good method to work out triceps at home.
A: Pushups-shoulder width apart and wide, and close together.Tricep extensions and skull-crushers.go to www.trainwithmeonline.comYou can look up body part-specific exercises and you can alter the search to ONLY show dumbell exercises.

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