What is a quick way to lose love handles

What is a quick way to lose love handles

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If you want to reduce your love handles (and I have them too!) then you’re going to have to lose body fat all over your body. Diet and exercise is the best method to lose weight. Exercise should focus on your mid-section – ex. crunches. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-quick-way-to-lose-love-handles ]
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What are the quick ways to lose inches and love handles??
You have probably heard that not eating is bad for you, but it can be very healthy too. I know people who have went on water fasts for up to 30 days and were very healthy afterwards and were fine the entire way through. People tell you that…
What is the quickest way to lose love handles, and firm your butt…?
Go to bodybuilding.com #1 fitness site out there. Anyways do squats and lunges with dumbbells to firm your buttox and eat 6-7 meals a day with lots of water every 2-3 hours taking in 1g of protein per pound and limit your carbs. Do cardio e…
What’s the best and quickest way to lose your love handles??
Add more cardio into your workouts. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. The more the better. I would also cut-down on carbs unless they are the good kind…no refined sugar. You should start to see results within a week or 2.

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What is the best way to lose love handles quick?
Q: I am 5.5 and i have the most wonderful legs ever but, my body is just normal, with a little more than i want around the midsection, mainly my sides. So what is the best way to lose them… im willing to do ANYTHING that WILL work. :)And that second one didnt help…it told me nothing in the link that was useful but thanks anyway…
A: im not sure but possibly walking and situps
How to lose love handles the quickest way?
Q: I want to lose some fat on my stomach.I want to lose my love handles too.What is th fastest way?I am going on a cruise soon (2 weeks)and i want to be able to take my shirt off..lolWhat the best to lose some of it quickly
A: this may sound like i’m playin but seriously when you have sex do it in the push up position that way the exercise will feel good and hurt at the same time also do a lot of situps and breathing exercises to exercise your lungs and stomach good luck
Q: I have a beautiful shape, except for these love handles! I’ve cut my diet and now it’s very healthy, I don’t drink any pop, I drink ALOOOT of water a day. I’ve tried few exercises but got minimal results. What are some good, fairly quick ways to lose these things!?!?!
A: okay the only way you are going to be able to get rid of your love handles is by exercising 3-4 times a week not only with crunches and situps but aerobic exercises like RUNNING and jumping rope.seriously, run. it will make a lot of difference.a good love handle excercise would be twist crunches.

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